Sunday, April 18, 2010

PVC in Raingear

rainshedder applique remixed in photoshop

"Phenols, phthalates and phytoestrogens are among chemicals known as endocrine disruptors, which interfere with the body’s endocrine, or hormone, system.....Some are used to increase the flexibility and durability of plastics such as PVC, or are included as coatings on medications or nutritional supplements to make them timed-release."

According to a report from the SWHR "....phenols, phthalates and phytoestrogens,
—in young girls may disrupt the timing of pubertal development, and put girls at risk for health complications later in life. The study, the first to examine the effects of these chemicals on pubertal development, is currently published online in the journal of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice

According to PVC. org
"The functional qualities of PVC make it a great material for protective clothing outdoors. It has long been the material of choice for children's rainwear, but is also put through more demanding tests through its use in protective work-wear. At the other end of the clothing industry, PVC has played an important role in fashion design for many years. From its early applications in the 1960s, PVC has grown into one of the most fashionable materials to make a regular appearance at major fashion shows around the world."

PVC eventually breaks down and the
phthalates are ending up all over the place; so even though your child isn't chewing on raincoats ...phthalate exposure is a big risk.

This is a problem we can do a lot about. Stop buying it and tell your retailer why.

Spread information daily...word of mouth is the new/old media!

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