Saturday, April 17, 2010

sustainable seattle

rain gypsy

Clean Water going going gone...skirt

Rainshedder skirt

Took that leap over the draining "argument to limit" that attempts to confine me to inertia and safety...that comfort zone of simulated death(?) hmmm.....

Point is, i sent photos of the Waterline chapter of fashionRIP Project to the Seamless Contest at Seattle Magazine.

i never had the mass market concept and sold only a few garments in stores- boutiques under the Pike Place Market and on Capital Hill. Custom clothing appeared safer- it was sold before it was started. All this means that i'm way under the 5000 garments sold to qualify me as an Emerging Designer.

Is Seattle open to recycouture in the mainline? stay tuned.


Nathan said...

I think your idea of recycoutre is an excellent one. Have you ever considered attending green festivals and the like? I'm with Sustainable Seattle and we are part of the planning committee for GreenFest this year. How would you like to participate?

deborah said...

absolutely. Actually been there done that as a volunteer for Swap A Rama the first year and BALLE last year. As far as putting up $ for a booth, i am not a business yet, right now i am doing the art talks route to promo sustainability for all!