Thursday, June 24, 2010

cotton woes

Eco textiles from Pacific Fabrics for 2007
Earth Day display at NSCC
organic cotton, ddt and malaria...a tangled mess of facts, funding and trade-offs in Uganda. The malaria is real, the swamps are breeding grounds and DDT is a quick fix but not a solution as it causes other problems, creating domino contaminating drinking water.

More science needs to come on board, Dr. Uday Bhawalkar, makes a nitrate connection and states that organic crops (cotton) are less likely to be as bad as crops with added synthetic nitrogen (fertilizers).

I wonder if the area was always swampy, are the swamps a source of "good" which makes draining an issue? Is every swampy wetland sacred or what criteria should we use to make the wisest possible decisions?
How are the mosquitos infected to begin with?

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