Sunday, June 20, 2010

NSCC graduaton

Several 2008 CMN video class students rallied to support another matie as he picked up his diploma.
The student speakers at the ceremony were chosen for their ability to withstand and overcome hardships. An inspirational cliche that makes most whiners ashamed of their petty everyday peeves. All good on the surface, the underdog wins, is cheered and we are proud of our species ability to overcome life's challenges. Then the ?s creep in.

Like in helping one child out of the slums of Brazil is great, but how fair is it to others just as deserving, inteligent and innocent? What would really change the slums? According to G. Mortenson in "Three Cups of Tea" it takes educating the girls to make conditions better. They tend to stay and do damage control, have less children and gain dignity.

Or what about the abused street kid who ended up in prison but was contacted by a group that supports his exit with an entrance into education, how cool is that. This cuts back the rate of returns to 10% against the normal rate of recidivism which is 50-70%, but why are our prisons so over populated?

Why so many charities? Doesn't it make more sense to dismantle the cause aka use preventive medicine?

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