Monday, September 20, 2010

American Dream is the Nightmare

Stranger News Box(?) in Ballard

Growth in economics without regard to resources, environment or social equity was what built the American Dream. This is surely now the nightmare.

"We thrive when the planet thrives." Juliet Schor professor of sociology at Boston U. and author of Plenitude: the New Economics of True Wealth...."while waiting for government, lets get going.

Now!!!! fashionRIP Project's move towards a co-op building buy with other eco sane entreprenuers can address this issue. Pooling money and resources will help real progress manifest and enable the growth we want, not the growth that will eat us alive.
fashionRIP Project wants to be the experiment, is willing to model the new paradigm, is able to be sustainable and I will prove it. Dare me! but i need help!!!!

Co-ops and triple bottom line corporations will create healthier economics if supported and seen as better investments than the old markets, based on the linear model. Sole proprietors are good (been there, done that) but are less able to bounce back. Local sustainable economics will create healthier communities.
Bio-diversity is good for eco systems, communities, human species and economics too! It's simply not having all the eggs in that one basket and that = smart.

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