Monday, September 27, 2010

Warning Signs

(in cold water with no phosphate detergent and line dry)

i was at a local hospital picking up my father after surgery and had some time to kill. Went to the gift shop and started reading labels on the baby clothing and stuffed animals. Well as most of them were imported and not deemed eco sane or even safe; i suggested to the clerk that she tell people to wash items before putting them on the babies. She agreed to the idea.

Later i had a recycle conversation with the pharmacist (who asked for my card!) I then talked to a nurse on my dad's floor about my gift shop boldery. She said "doesn't veryone know to wash clothing first?" I replied, you would hope so, but it is easy to think new as clean. We then discussed the allergy uprise and how sad it is that asthma has been virtually normed. Who knows what else is induced by our toxic chemical dependencies?

So under the fashionRIP Project ethos; I am making up signs to take to local hospital gift shops and ask them to please hang them where customers can see them. I will also write up a little "why" card to help the clerks answer questions about this concern.

I am a zero population growth supporter which means that babies count. The numbers count and the babies then count more. Happy, healthy babies are good ...a matter of quality and not mass quantity.

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