Saturday, November 6, 2010

fashionRIP Project (CONNECTED)

Exposed in Seattle-the hidden attributes

fashionRIP has something under her umbrella & its all about being CONNECTED.

After the big meeting at the end of November, I will plug in more details. The known is:

-eco fashion with Anna Herman

-recyCouture from fashionRIP and others

-people from varied disciplines are involved in developing one act plays and other modes of information via the arts
-something from the local music scene (heritage and /or current
-collaborating with the local eco businesses to see what kind of networking can be developed to push concepts of the sustainable lifestyle forward, while devolping a local economic strategy that is repeatable to encourage further growth of slow economy. (like slow fashion and food, we need to apprciate the processes that enables life and move out from the archaic industrial model)

-A big crazee good experiment that will rock the senses.

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