Friday, November 12, 2010

Water Now

Belltown Seattle

Vancouver BC

In this CONNECTED update the water chapter comes back to the stage.
I recently met someone working on desalination and even more recently talked with a classmate who has a keen interest about desalination, though his career path is heading towards what looks to be, a different directon. What a timely 'coincidence.'

I am loving this! I get to be a conduit that connects two wonderful, intelligent people together. Will this advance the thinking behind current desalination processes? Perhaps so.
Through this window, I was able to see that my work with CONNECTED was also 'like water.'

As water flows the way of least restrictions yet "knows" its eventual destination -so too does CONNECTED. As the water cycle doesn't have endings or beginnings, but points of transition that may or may not be influenced by human interventions - so too does CONNECTED. This is great fun with thinking.
Then do patterns after nature follow true nature?
Well thats a muddle. That could throw linear 'step by knowable step' and 'beginnings, middles and endings' into chaos. Consider both its charm and the jolly mess!

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