Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dirt Lives

There is more life under the soil than on top. Now who thinks of that? From the book "Ecology- A Pocket Guide" by Callenbach, E)

The problem of not understanding life from other than the anthrocentric viewpoint means we are not able to make well informed decisions about our lives. We truly are here because we live in a great organic, interractive realm that has evolved through centuries. It's a crime against life , nature and our own creativity-to behave in a myopia. The USA form of capitalism evolved from an antique world vision that is uber short sighted, egomaniacal and ethically compromised - it is jeopardizing the whole and that kind of stupid is not tolerable. (reductionist science, industrial modeling, free trade that is forcing small farmers from the land while GMO soybeans and corn crops are grown, stifling diversity and economic equity, more)

We have been scammed big time by a set of laws that became systems that became "too big to fail" and "too complicated" to easily understand. But we must embark on that journey. Our lives and the lives of other species are at stake. The balance of nature, the energy and resource cycles are all at risk, for as species collapse they take other things down with them.

Dirt Lives (working title) is about teaching ourselves and each other -we can be the cure, the heroes. (fashionRIP Project changes to adapt to the environment, people didn't get the Connected concept.)

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