Thursday, April 14, 2011

Real Girl

The dress form is from the book "The Best Camera is the One You Have With You" by J. Chase, selected, copied, desaturated and retouched with paint courtesy of Photoshop. Background is AZ sky in July.

Juxtapoz has a great zine out on street art. This aligns with the MOCA exhibit "Art in the Streets." I went online to get more info, and found that I was being prompted to update my IE browser to Chrome. "I'm sorry myApi login is currently not compatible with Internet Explorer. Download Chrome, that's what all the cool kids are using"

I feel like retching. Corporate America should keep its claws off the kids. Corporations are designed without a conscience - yet they have the rights of human beings (1886). This has allowed them to focus on profits as they step over the casualties. Enabled by government policies to grow into ever bigger, more powerful, profit generating systems, they now can bully entire populations, entire nations. This is wrong.

Working on a child's emotional need to connect to their peers, is an unethical marketing tactic, but then ethics are not measured on the bottom line. The toxic stew we now swim in, is made of emotional, environmental, social and economic toxins- all interrelate, all matter and its time to change the recipe!

Speak up America, it isn't too late to change this course of madness. healthy idea cultivars are springing up all over, but they need support, help...find a group-they need you.

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