Thursday, August 4, 2011


A great retro street look, denim studded vest updated with head kerchief.

This photo is totally attached to the catch 22 of USA "market driven economies." The paradigm that provokes people with the need to stay current, cool and in step with style, be it framed in technology, fashion, automobiles or home decor, needs to be faced and called out for what it really is,a giant resource abusive hoax.

The fact that we in the USA (along with Europe and Japan, the wealthiest 16-20% depending on the source) use 80% of the world's resources is a big problem. The capitalization process that has generated this consumption has simultaneously created a culture that attempts to get its head and heart around what can only be called a sociopathic mindset. It is creating a lot of dis-ease - more people in jail, more suicides, more "normed" physical and mental problems, allergies and angst.

The distort between love thy neighbors, but be able to punch out, exploit, fire, or walk all over them at any given moment because it's a dog eat dog world, has wrapped insanity into a business as usual paradigm accepted as the real world. This needs addressing.

It is fundamentally wrong and will not have a good outcome no matter how many band aids we apply. The cancer that is at the center of the problem will grow until starved by lack of participation and energy. This will happen "naturally" or by human intervention. The latter appears the better course.

In the meantime, i gave "the punk" a dollar for the photo, asked him his story and "there but for fortune..."

It needn't be this way. "Reality" will dissipate with lack of interest if we focus energy on building new, diverse means of economic stability that are guided by what we now know. Current science about nature, biology, human development and potential, quantum physics, more and ideas about spirituality have advanced significantly since we started this journey. A catchup is in order.

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