Saturday, August 20, 2011

People Lose

Sub Culture Joe, Westlake Park. Stitch illustration with fabric paint and old jewelry bits.

Westlake Park was closed to cars in 1988. This urban oasis was short lived. As Frederick and Nelson's and I Magnin's closed their doors for the last time, the street was re-opened.

Sub Culture Joe and the Fabricators saw this as a form of public sabotage. It was suspicious how the city center commons lost favor just as Nordstrom's conveniently moved into the spacious, elegant, well maintained building that had been the home of their former rival, F & N.

City Hall conveniently voted to re-open the street in 1995. SC Joe and Fabs planted a heart in the park as their visual commentary. They were Spirit Rebels.

The tunnel that will shanghai taxes for the next x years appears to be another act against the public good. Seattle is in a fault zone which is really hard on tunnels and cost overruns are par. So who or what really benefits? Who or what stands in the way of true progress?

FYI: Japanese citizens are marching in the streets, calling out for change, questioning a lifestyle that jeopardizes life. They are recognizing the irony of self destruction.

The active Chim Pom artist;s collective, -are global wake up messengers, that started 6 years ago, inspired by the US movie, "Jackass." Focusing now on the nuclear meltdown, they "updated" a famous atomic horror mural, donned Haz Mat gear and raised a nuke flag among other premeditated acts of healing. They are the new Spirit Rebels, forcing the hand of perceived reality. Bravo.

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