Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fragile Hearts- Misunderstandings

The Bomb, the Heart and the disappointment that crashed it all, RIP Joe Sprinkle, you are remembered. You put your heart out there, exposed, vulnerable, misunderstood...that is heroic.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nice Work

photo of sign on Aurora walkover, 8/16/11
& i needed that message! Thank you magic post people

Android Homme shoes, posted a great art message video. I will be back with my take on how they support or smack the ideas of which they "speak." There is a huge disconnect in the system and the more we point it out as the outrageous flaw that it is, the better abled we will be in our transformative measures.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

People Lose

Sub Culture Joe, Westlake Park. Stitch illustration with fabric paint and old jewelry bits.

Westlake Park was closed to cars in 1988. This urban oasis was short lived. As Frederick and Nelson's and I Magnin's closed their doors for the last time, the street was re-opened.

Sub Culture Joe and the Fabricators saw this as a form of public sabotage. It was suspicious how the city center commons lost favor just as Nordstrom's conveniently moved into the spacious, elegant, well maintained building that had been the home of their former rival, F & N.

City Hall conveniently voted to re-open the street in 1995. SC Joe and Fabs planted a heart in the park as their visual commentary. They were Spirit Rebels.

The tunnel that will shanghai taxes for the next x years appears to be another act against the public good. Seattle is in a fault zone which is really hard on tunnels and cost overruns are par. So who or what really benefits? Who or what stands in the way of true progress?

FYI: Japanese citizens are marching in the streets, calling out for change, questioning a lifestyle that jeopardizes life. They are recognizing the irony of self destruction.

The active Chim Pom artist;s collective, -are global wake up messengers, that started 6 years ago, inspired by the US movie, "Jackass." Focusing now on the nuclear meltdown, they "updated" a famous atomic horror mural, donned Haz Mat gear and raised a nuke flag among other premeditated acts of healing. They are the new Spirit Rebels, forcing the hand of perceived reality. Bravo.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Killing Us

A Beautiful Rebel, part of my On Busses photo series

I had a wonderful conversation last Sunday with a friend of mine. We meet along with one other friend, for coffee talks on a regular basis. He is Oxford educated, taught eastern philosophy and is now at Microsoft and she is a former Pilates instructor married to an MD who came to the US at the age of 4. We have the best chats. Time flies as we learn and appreciate each other and what we bring to the table. I highly recommend this do-able act of sharing, caring.

I had brought up the schizophrenic nature of modern culture that is connected to the current sociopathic economic model that systemically built what can only be called USA Inc.. Step by step, over time, i think western culturel became immersed in a machine designed under the influence of a faux Darwinian legacy. This justified creating wealth for the few at the expense of the many and the environment. Now we are experiencing the chaos of the reality check.


As major media is controlled by the largest benefactors of the crusty, old dysfunctional machine we are unfortunately still inundated with messages from the source of the problem. Even as corporations recognize their environmental errors they seem reluctant to face up to the emotional, physical, spiritual, social health and welfare of an interrelated, connected living system we call Earth.

So, in the course of the conversation my friend asked for the link to "Killing Us Softly" a video lecture of the series on women and advertising. I had mentioned the Madonna/Whore dichotomy that American women are still plagued with ( i know, hard to believe that silliness is still around!) and the schizophrenic culture that swallows it without knowing what exactly is in the bite.

Killing Us Softly #2, #3 and #4 are all worthwhile and a great way to start understanding the consumer model of economics. Thank you Jean Kilbourne for your pioneering work.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Glass Art

Edith Faste is a true local living treasure. When i started fashionRIP Project, when the show opened to me, when i decided to expand the borders beyond my own work, i did not know what or who would appear. I believe now that when the journey is aligned with one's true self, no matter where on the path, gifts from the universe show up.

So in appreciation of life, thank you Edith for your passion and work, thank you Dave Felker for creating the gallery space and thank you universe.

Edith Faste

I am so grateful to have met this woman. Edith Faste embodies the wisdom of living one's long term passion . At 94 she is still firing up the kilns and slumping glass and is so full of ideas that she greets each day with zest.

Over the decades Edith has created beautiful, sophisticated glass art, some with found metals, stones and repurposed objects. Several works reflect her interest in and admiration of Pacific Northwest Native Americans, some are pure whimsy and some will be shown in Species on the Verge and Other Works w/POV. I am so honored and happy that people are showing up to make this the more than any one person can achieve. Thank you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Avery Milieu

Avery Milieu has a wonderful upstairs studio with hand dyed, line dried, plumage. The fluttery rows of delicious color festooning the room made it a strange faie land. Boxes of vintage trimmings. refashioned, refurbished and new beginning hatteries gathered on tables and peeked from shelves.

In various stages of becoming, they spoke of unique futures. It was a bit of a Wonderland for the likes of me, as antique haberdashery has long been a love of mine.

See them up close and personal at the Species on the Verge and Other Works w/POV, opening next month at the Kerf International Gallery in the Wallingford Center.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


A great retro street look, denim studded vest updated with head kerchief.

This photo is totally attached to the catch 22 of USA "market driven economies." The paradigm that provokes people with the need to stay current, cool and in step with style, be it framed in technology, fashion, automobiles or home decor, needs to be faced and called out for what it really is,a giant resource abusive hoax.

The fact that we in the USA (along with Europe and Japan, the wealthiest 16-20% depending on the source) use 80% of the world's resources is a big problem. The capitalization process that has generated this consumption has simultaneously created a culture that attempts to get its head and heart around what can only be called a sociopathic mindset. It is creating a lot of dis-ease - more people in jail, more suicides, more "normed" physical and mental problems, allergies and angst.

The distort between love thy neighbors, but be able to punch out, exploit, fire, or walk all over them at any given moment because it's a dog eat dog world, has wrapped insanity into a business as usual paradigm accepted as the real world. This needs addressing.

It is fundamentally wrong and will not have a good outcome no matter how many band aids we apply. The cancer that is at the center of the problem will grow until starved by lack of participation and energy. This will happen "naturally" or by human intervention. The latter appears the better course.

In the meantime, i gave "the punk" a dollar for the photo, asked him his story and "there but for fortune..."

It needn't be this way. "Reality" will dissipate with lack of interest if we focus energy on building new, diverse means of economic stability that are guided by what we now know. Current science about nature, biology, human development and potential, quantum physics, more and ideas about spirituality have advanced significantly since we started this journey. A catchup is in order.