Monday, March 5, 2012

I am offended

This ad was posted to fashionRIP and is a construct of the false beliefs that influence rational, emotional and spiritual mind fields.

Overturn Roe vs Wade?  Like what dinosaur is behind this despicable violation of women's rights over their own bodies?

We are not here to procreate like rabbits! We are here for more purposeful attention to our genius and to the genius in others.We are here to give love, to understand light and to align with LIFE. Real pro life is about respecting the breath in all of us, to value the full lifecycle as it relates to the whole of a vast living universe.

The right to bear or not bear children is best left to the individuals who elect to cherish, love, nurture, respect and guide them. This ad is not about that, this ad is about control, control for a world vision that is not just antiquated but is logically absurd.

We need to  focus on the true potential of the children already here.  We must care now for the living if we are to ever fully comprehend who we truly are.

Our species rising population is breaking down natural cycles at an accelerated,obscene rate.  This is insane as we are more dependent upon the natural cycles than the stuff of corporations. The stuff that is causing the problem is for the most part unnecessary and will be obsolete at the blink of an eye. How does this make sense?

We need to act in wisdom, now. We have no more time for creepy games in abstracted reality..

So R vsW campaigners-  practice with the living now, create safe havens, an education system run by teachers that get it, more creative diversity, more meaningful, relevant options for work etc. Take those marketing funds and build a future full of possibilities for the poster baby, that would be beautiful.

 You see without a coherent lifecycle understanding,  i must suspect this ad is about raising human crops to insure a good supply of younguns to march into battle.

As resources dwindle, wars will continue, worsen. I understand your business model. However, i have spent years researching, following paths and stories and we humans have far better, do-able, healthier options.

Please stop this game and go into you, find you and i believe you will redirect. Choose light!

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