Sunday, March 18, 2012

WaterRip Installation

Dress from thrift store, yard sale fabric, with trimming bits from Zootsuit days and brown braid from Sew Up Seattle.This time i used a pattern -McCalls- with changes...always seem to go there.

I graduated (YAY! BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, focus on environmental science and communications) and am now into setting up workshops at the Kerf (sewing, multi media, have an idea, talk to us!) and developing the Water Spirit dresses.

The WaterRIP installation will go up in the Fall, ready for the October Wallingford Art Walk. Ann Teplick writer, teacher and local treasure, is curating a literary scene that will present sometime(s) during the shows run. This is exciting, as i so look forward to hearing and seeing how our works combine; the magick's in the sum of parts!

This time the story (WaterRIP)  connects the human species and water, not just in a physical resource management way (Huge and Important by itself!), but in a complex atomic reality that smudges the borders between us.

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