Saturday, July 28, 2012

Money is Debt

This "art" is supposed to make us aware of  deforestation (trees as environmental agents that provide ecosystem services, so is important message) ...right i got that!!!  but not until reading the explanation in the Seattle PI -so reall;y a mixed message
Deforestation is product of ownership benefit mantra, so round it goes.

Money is Debt and debt is a form of slavery. Consider the indentured servants of the American colonial past. Consider immigrants and cheap labor, slaves generating the  wealth of the South and other forms of usury. You may start to feel nauseous; i know i do, every time someone says something about the "right" to profit. Like what does that mean?

This statement is useful in that it glorifies the concept of "the self made man" or fair trade, or American liberty, or the freedom to take, exploit and expand ones wealth without hinderance. One has the "right" to benefit from ownership. ( Ownership is another loosey goosey, later!)  This old notion was concieved in a far different world view than what we now know. Now we know the scope of reaction to action and the consequences of infinite growth on a finitie planet. We know we cannot continue fouling our home and not get

Therefore why are we still such suckers and pawns to profit? The concept was made up therefore can be unmade. I suspect we are stuck in this situation because we equated progress to profit and making do, all word origin indicators. So we went along fooling ourselves;  believing some "ones" trustworthy and knowledgeable were in charge of the system. We were forcibly taught that that was true. (Manufacturing Consent)

It's a nice story, but so not the case. In fact the system outgrew the people. People progressed in niches and were limited by the same. This lack of diversity by niche is based on some very wrong and limiting notions that were set into motion generations ago. At the time it started it made sense- now it does not. However it is entrenched and  now apparently "it" rules us. What???

The "system" appears to be a man made cancerous thing that we either join whilst leaving our conscience at the door or keep our whole integrity and fight as best we can. When success means to bow to the wishes of a psycopath (Corporations fit the profile)
what kind of success is it? Now i know why i am such a bad fit!!

This is sticky, for to not belong makes influencing decisions difficult, however to belong one must play by the rules. This is the Catch 22, the paradox. Why? because the rules of profit dictate the system. The rules were informed by the disease to behave as the disease, reflective assessment and action- therefore the inluence was and is directed by those who learned from influencers before them. We repeat what "works" however we see not the whole but the niche and this lack of vision has created a monster- a multi headed hydra that is sucking out the resources, hijacking energy and is wringing life dry. It is the "death of birth." (Paul Hawkens)

Is it because there is no money in caring, in giving back as much as you take and other natural healthy system exchanges as seen in thriving ecosystems? Are we doomed because we made up a story and now anyone trying to write another kind of story is dissed because "we" all know the old story? Our default belief is faulty but feels safe because we heard it for so long. Am i the only one thinking this is absurd?

Answer: No of course i am not alone. Let me know:-)

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