Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Refashioning the Fourth

True story.

I saw Kirstin waiting at a bus stop, wearing a saucy vintage tricked up blossom hat. I loved it for its homage to the original, sparked with a brighter palette, a richer bouquet,  a 60s ad retouched with neon ..a Banksy real life application, I so appreciated her spark on the street. I also noticed a a wistful, pensive look in her eyes.

I got off the at the next stop,to wait for my connecting bus and thought about my "promise' to help the world reconnect to its greater self. I wondered if i should have gotten off at the last stop and cracked the social barrier once again. It gets easier every time i dare "go there" -but still.

You see, it  takes a weird courage as "we" seem to have adopted thicker protective bubbles as our cultural abuse becomes ever more apparent. This shield takes an intentional action which can elicit camaraderie and/or cold stares, so is always a challenge. I sorted through these feelings and settled with  "giving it up to the universe."

I told myself if she was on the connecting bus, which could happen, then i would have to reach out. I mean her hat was enough of a reason;  and because as silly as it sounds i thought her possibly as one of my "children," i felt obligated. The darely beloveds, the rebels, the creative crafters, the ones who understand that floating along mainstream is sleeping at the wheel..they are the leaders, the genius of alternative possibility, i think i understand a bit of what they feel.. So because this is frairly irrational in a world designed to eliminate all else- I called on serendipity to guide the way. Allowing the answer to fit the parameters of the question is a useful thing to do.

So after about a 10 minute wait, my bus rolled around the corner and stopped. I boarded and there she was. I sat on the side seat behind her and watched her rummage through a bag of clothing and pull out a painted, jean mini that had to be a reFashion piece. She then started setting studs into the piece and i was in a big " aha" moment. Yes to the universe, serendipity and gos of chance.

I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she was making the skirt to wear or sell.

She pulled out her earbuds and told me that she sells them. We then had a terrific  inspiring chat that nurtured my soul and shifted the mood of other passengers. When i asked about a particular stop a few others came to rescue, one even gave directions to the bookstore. This is a beautiful thing, you know it when it happens.

bus style impressions

This is also the "data" i am collecting to support our species ability to bloom in a healthy cooperative society. This is the bloom that tells me we will thrive and that the old ignorance will be shed.

 Kirstin is one of the new designers that make custom affordable, locally, creatively and responsible, she is one of the changelings helping us open to the light. Bloom baby, bloom. Check out her vintage stock at

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