Sunday, August 19, 2012

Divine Masculine

This is so cool. I have been working on myth deconstruction as a way to (now) lovingly dismantle the fallacies we were led to believe in order to recognize how they have colored our walk through the ages. I am doing this from the western cultural perspective but am not limited to that tunnel. People have been mingling for a long time, so even if i tried to edit, i would be in a fantasy. (clue number 3)

It's the historical edits that have created our delusional consent and getting past the fast food of mental distractions is kind of like snooping in some huge forbidden yet available, attic. Some trunks are locked, some are open and untouched others are pawed through with their contents spilling over the sides This is a wondrous shadowy place of vast mental treasures, full of ideas, stories, facts and fables. This is where brain sparklers lie dormant.

Brain sparklers are abundantly available, grow with sharing, get farther off road the longer you travel and light the way for ever more exploring.  Their energy multiplies with use, makes people happy which empowers us to pass the happiness on (See the Happiness Advantage on PBS). The more happiness that is spread around the better, therefore it seems most wise to enable happiness. This ultimately arrives at the gift that everyone is born to deliver, for in that "birthing" the seeds of true happiness spread. This is not a mandate or a measure (Bhutan's gross national happiness) this is about expanding life's potential.

"Due to Lilith’s refusal to bear Adam’s children she
has come to symbolize female power. From the “Shrine of Lilith”
the chief of the Devils w/thnx to Faust

So I have been exploring through Lilliths, Eves, Adams, Mephistopheles, Lucifers, Jesus(es), gods, godesses, Ice Queens, Mary Magdalenes, Delilahs, Davids, Goliaths, saints and sinners. Bouncing this off rules and regulations, policies and those ubiquitous "everybody knows" is a roller coaster ride. Landing for a spell on this piece by Charles Eisenstein was magick and fundamentally sublime aka meant to be. I am so grateful for the male viewpoint that shares the concept of coming back together in a way that aligns with whole thinking, that i am quite giddy. Please read this great blog entry, Money and the Divine Masculine and share the joy.

So the story i needed to help myself understand is growing and as it grows i see the ways to forgive a life that has confused, angered, frustrated, delighted, fooled, tricked,  mesmerized and harmed me and others. My gift is to share the keys to the attic, to open trunks with crusty old locks and to tell the story of us in new ways.

Once one sees the glam, glitz and tawdry bits of what can only be called a manmade  superimposition laid out like caked makeup on a bigger more beautiful reality, then we can consciously choose a future that is not just desirable but extremely do-able. Awww the freedom of bliss!

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