Saturday, September 8, 2012

Charm and Snickery

There is some fun visual stuff here, plus - i so luv the techno wannabe guitars. Watching the kid in us face off, all tongue in cheekiness, with current cultural discourse in this archetype twister just kicks up my happiness.

Ditch those boyfriend/girlfriend, generic friend, nitpickity lists and labels, then set out to find the humans under all the skins. Roles are for robots and we have imaginations!

When we limit life to what we think we know and want, we cut our opportunities and possibilities down to the size of our ignorance. Why do that?  (Case in point, the systems that are determined to take "us" down to their level)

I really hope that sweet opening scene continues with a stroll in Hyde Park or a cup of tea, Like is such a good place to start a relationship.

Thanks to Flavorwire for this funny love songs collection. See, hear more HERE.

Fashion note: Innovation is everywhere, go into the streets and spot a look that amuses, entertains, glorifies, inspires, works or otherwise gets your attention. Notice the briliance of our species, it's the key to our adaptive genes, it's why we will get through this messy time of crashing things. Be heart.

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