Friday, September 21, 2012

Saved by Rock n'Roll

path between The Trees
(Chalk arrow is a readymade!)
 lily pond

Frank Turner's "I Still Believe" pulled yesterday out of the gutter and set today's wake up tone.

When life gets slippery i take a walk. I usually aim towards TheTrees because touching them helpsme balance. I have been calling upon my ancients since the Winter Solstice of 2009. They grow on different sides of the Zoo's peripheral path.

One tree is quite maternal, as she harbors ferns in her "arms" and young seedlings surround her base.  On the North side stands the patriarch, his branches arch over the path and shelter the Mother Tree. They are symbols of the procreative sentiment but i feel they are not limited to that interpretation. I feel supported under their limbs when people let me down.

I patted them both, strolled through the rose garden and sat awhile on a bench near the water lily pond. I appreciated the beauty of the park and the fact that i had this time to reflect and that i was working on a show and any day, any second, my cocreative partner(s)  will arrive.

 Feeling sad in the midst of such grace seems wrong and yet to do the big work that needs doing - takes a village.  I try to navigate through the facts towards the hope on a daily basis, it changes constantly.

I walked back to the studio and finished freeing a tulle underskirt from a ridiculous gown, looked at the heart insert i was painting and thought up some next steps.

I keep telling myself that there are others out there, like me, who understand the disease in the culture and who are willing and able to point it out and prevent its proliferation by setting up healthy alternatives. Most people i meet are either unaware, feel and therefore are, helpless or are  waiting for permission, god, whatever to start the process that only they (we) can start. Others believe the limits they impose and justify.

Some hours seem meant for mourning our possibilities as each day we lose a few - and that hurts. The faster we can get out from under these cranky, skanky old belief systems the better!

 I am tired of watching the pimps abuse America, she (we) deserves better.

"I Still Believe" helped me remember that art and music are where i once found truth and truth, not facts (those i can uncover)  resonate in the hearts/souls of people around the globe. Truth soars across the ignorance of economics and politics and resides in knowing; the place where our discovery unfolds the maps of the evolution.

thank you Mr Turner, i still believe.

Today i  finish the inset and write a scene of the mythos. The others will show up, they have before!!

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