Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Eve Option

Alleluia, this documentary - The Eve Option- looks like good addition to the slew of documentaries out in the world telling us the story of now.

The mainstream press, no longer delivers the news, we see through its protective agenda and sponsored stories. We have grown up and no longer see the authority of the old world as worthy of the power they thought theirs to use.

Always dipping twice for the one benefit delivered to the public, the compounding agenda is now poised to take, extract, financialize everything. ( The Ghost Economy that floats above real goods and services, the alchemist's lab of creating wealth-  a take away from Owning Our Future the Emerging Ownership Revolution by Marjorie Kelly)

This man made rhythm is pounding across the planet. Like a synchronized march across a bridge ( take away from Bridge on the River Kwai)   will collapse the bridge.This time the  bridge is the biosphere, the march a systemic pattern that influences all of our disciplines.  Continue the pattern and collapse will follow.

The informational films are cries of alarm, sketches of the possible future and screams of protest. They are shown in tangible theaters, meeting spaces and
in homes. Many are delivered at the speed of light via Youtube; reaching across borders, divides and all the smokescreens and barriers erected by the old order.

I love this trailer (Eve) because it validates much of what i have been writing, thinking about and setting into the storyline of my next work. This kind of validation supports the front line artists as story installations are not the "hang it in the foyer" kind of work that is easier to sell.

In The Eve Option, the story about God telling man to multiply, giving man dominion over plants, animals and resources has had many repercussions, most of them negative. (Sir David Attenborough)

WaterRIP is deconstructing the line between humans and nature. We are organic, natural beings and that means the health of the natural environment is directly related to our own health and well being. We are a collection of cells in relationships with other cells in other collections, within and without the different species, elements -everything. We are energy interrelated with all energy. We are that more and i think exploring the realm opens possibilities galore.

However if we lose the capacity to maintain the health of our home in all senses of the word, we will not be able to explore that new horizon . We are growing up, evolving...how cool is that. Let's not let ignorance and old beliefs blow it for us!

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