Saturday, November 10, 2012

Work Integrated

TOGETHER - How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis -The new documentary by CECOP - CICOPA Europe from Cicopa Coop on Vimeo.

Co-ops are sane reactions to insane extractive economics. Plundering the commons, literally and figuratively, is not worthy of praise -so why reward the behaviour?

The mainstream extractive economy has a symbiotic brother,  the phantom economy, which  is an abstraction designed to pillage and rape from far away. This Nowhereland is designed for numbers, not people. This is where only numbers matter, where only numbers have identities.

Oops, what about life? What about love? What about real meaning?

This economic boondoggle is how we seem to have lost our way. Eventually the current design will totally collapse as it will run out of resources and have to eat itself to stay alive. (The spiral down, the nihilistic super dumb of current systems and why i rant)

Getting out of the extractive loop to build the generative living economy with roots in deep ecology will heal us and our cultures. As we heal, we will better understand the way the world works and as we align with this bigger reality,  we will open new possibilities.

It makes sense to seek light, love and understanding, why not design with that in mind?

fashionRIP Project: experimenting with process, learning from oputcomes. It matters because it is shared, and the unfolding continues to evolve the whole.

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