Saturday, July 28, 2012

Money is Debt

This "art" is supposed to make us aware of  deforestation (trees as environmental agents that provide ecosystem services, so is important message) ...right i got that!!!  but not until reading the explanation in the Seattle PI -so reall;y a mixed message
Deforestation is product of ownership benefit mantra, so round it goes.

Money is Debt and debt is a form of slavery. Consider the indentured servants of the American colonial past. Consider immigrants and cheap labor, slaves generating the  wealth of the South and other forms of usury. You may start to feel nauseous; i know i do, every time someone says something about the "right" to profit. Like what does that mean?

This statement is useful in that it glorifies the concept of "the self made man" or fair trade, or American liberty, or the freedom to take, exploit and expand ones wealth without hinderance. One has the "right" to benefit from ownership. ( Ownership is another loosey goosey, later!)  This old notion was concieved in a far different world view than what we now know. Now we know the scope of reaction to action and the consequences of infinite growth on a finitie planet. We know we cannot continue fouling our home and not get

Therefore why are we still such suckers and pawns to profit? The concept was made up therefore can be unmade. I suspect we are stuck in this situation because we equated progress to profit and making do, all word origin indicators. So we went along fooling ourselves;  believing some "ones" trustworthy and knowledgeable were in charge of the system. We were forcibly taught that that was true. (Manufacturing Consent)

It's a nice story, but so not the case. In fact the system outgrew the people. People progressed in niches and were limited by the same. This lack of diversity by niche is based on some very wrong and limiting notions that were set into motion generations ago. At the time it started it made sense- now it does not. However it is entrenched and  now apparently "it" rules us. What???

The "system" appears to be a man made cancerous thing that we either join whilst leaving our conscience at the door or keep our whole integrity and fight as best we can. When success means to bow to the wishes of a psycopath (Corporations fit the profile)
what kind of success is it? Now i know why i am such a bad fit!!

This is sticky, for to not belong makes influencing decisions difficult, however to belong one must play by the rules. This is the Catch 22, the paradox. Why? because the rules of profit dictate the system. The rules were informed by the disease to behave as the disease, reflective assessment and action- therefore the inluence was and is directed by those who learned from influencers before them. We repeat what "works" however we see not the whole but the niche and this lack of vision has created a monster- a multi headed hydra that is sucking out the resources, hijacking energy and is wringing life dry. It is the "death of birth." (Paul Hawkens)

Is it because there is no money in caring, in giving back as much as you take and other natural healthy system exchanges as seen in thriving ecosystems? Are we doomed because we made up a story and now anyone trying to write another kind of story is dissed because "we" all know the old story? Our default belief is faulty but feels safe because we heard it for so long. Am i the only one thinking this is absurd?

Answer: No of course i am not alone. Let me know:-)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Human Story

sun dappled reader with a great tattoo

Why do we appreciate rainbows, the scent of night blooming jasmine, the robin's song, a soft breeze, the feel of the sun?

Why have we allowed our senses to be deadened by the synthetic promise of the marketplace? The design of the dupe is a capitalist success story.

Now perfumes, cosmetics and the supermarket laundry aisles choke me with their noxious fumes. I am very sensitive to pthalates and other airborne toxic invaders. I believe it is because my exposure tolerance has been maxed. My body's warning system is telling me to get away or suffer the consequences of denial. I get away.

Did we take the natural gifts and services, the process of life on this planet, for granted or we were duped into believing the promises of "leaders" as they shaped the world?  Was this duping planned (conspiracy) or was it merely a step by step process of ignorance and self gratification?

What I find horribly amusing is that they who get the privilege of running the shows start to believe that they are that special. Keeping their "beliefs" alive and well, they build the systems that augment these same narrow perceptions. They raise their children to believe they are that thing too and as the kids, for the most part feel "not even" they see the rest of the world as even less.

"I have. therefore I deserve to have"  and more; the more is to prove to "daddy" that i am all that...again!!  Do you see how damaging this is?  It is the perfect developmental plateau, the no growth vehicle of belly button myopia.

As the reflective ego grows in its own image, it destroys else. Its markers are stuff and power, its lingo profit and control. Sounds familiar, no?

Its outcome looks to be a form of  narcissistic domination that leads to nihilism, the king of the world dies alone, unmourned and unnoticed...the king of the world is zero.

After seeing the movie "Ethos" Friday night, I am under the influence. Check it out for the Rockefeller tape ....Hitler with a smart phone is still Hitler.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hollywood Clog

Saturn Devouring his Children, Goya

I checked out a screenwriters class last night and learned that it wasn't right for fashionRIP's next act. I learned how rare it is for the artist to be in control of their work and how the film industry has parceled up the players so as to control the parts and put together films based on the mechanistic model that is so last century. No wonder the blockbusters are unremarkable in staying power, like candy they are a sugary burst with little lasting value (and at what price the sweetness?). Hollywood is corporate, short term and full of its own ego. The saddest thing is that unless it helps its children thrive, there will be nothing left to save. What good are hoarded scripts, controlled, stymied talent, rooms full of awards and piles of money, if the critics, audience and family is no longer well enough to show up?

Topping off the evening, i learned that "violence with out a story, is boring," from a petite young woman who wrote code or something for the game industry. I learned that a few writers are paid well by the studios despite rarely seeing their work become a film and how "why care; "you're paid, right?" is normed.

The "reality" we accept is but a worm we allow to live inside us, eating us alive, nibble by nibble, relentlessly satiating itself as we do not "feel" the problem. Like how can it be a problem if no one else thinks it a problem? Therefore ignore the issue because if it was bad "we" would be told it was, right? Because we are "good people" right? (The Leaderless Revolution by Carne Ross, poses similar round talking in international diplomacy. Trapped by mirroring our ok'edness appears a universal malaise)

I was hoping for a class that was independent minded, future oriented and less "keep me in la la land," When boring documentary is "sentenced" by the prof and serial killer ethics and murder in the liquor aisle, are tossed about a room, i am another kind of bored.

I am again, stunned, at how myopic, unheroic and brainwashed we are educated into being.  Listening to the stories the writers framed showed me that what we learn, we repeat. What we repeat, we accept and as we up the ante of tolerance, we accept things that are synthetically addictive because that is what we can sell most easily.
The useful neutral information i gathered was that it is essential to write a story that will grab an audience. This is an "of course" but putting it back in italics was helpful to me.  I also learned that one can snag good used Final Draft copies, as FD is the industry standard.

I am glad i went. FYI: if possible check out an intro class at a school before you enroll, it is well worth the time.

When i brought  up the idea of  decentralizing the industry; hoping for an affirmative reaction from others, i was told Hollywood is changing. Each studio now has an independent film department. Is this like a problem?

Knowing that the dominator wants to eat its children is no mystery, Saturn Devouring His Children (Goya, around 1820) comes to mind. Studio and independent is a paradox, the motivation and heart are dissimilar by design.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Green Tea and Transformations

This creative innovator knows her tea, her green tea suggestion was terrific and comes in a cozy with strainer and timer.  Wallingford has style. Her skirt is from thrifting, the hardware is new the idea quite fun- fresh brewed steam punkery? I should of asked her. These chance ops pop up without warning as i am always on my way elsewhere or planning other encounters; it is hard to plan for spontaneity.

(note to self: create a question list to offset surprise and meld the plan with the unplanned)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Artists Trust Book Sale

Artwalkers visiting the Artist Trust Book Sale last Thursday, were fabulous. The photo above is a sample of fashion evolving and i am loving it.

Lou Reed on the tee, details on the denim and those red stripes, Yowza! An always righteous black oversize nod to the 80s tee with  tie dyed leggings is a new classic.Thanks for dropping by and buying to help the cause!

Thanks to all who helped make it a successful event.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Refashioning the Fourth

True story.

I saw Kirstin waiting at a bus stop, wearing a saucy vintage tricked up blossom hat. I loved it for its homage to the original, sparked with a brighter palette, a richer bouquet,  a 60s ad retouched with neon ..a Banksy real life application, I so appreciated her spark on the street. I also noticed a a wistful, pensive look in her eyes.

I got off the at the next stop,to wait for my connecting bus and thought about my "promise' to help the world reconnect to its greater self. I wondered if i should have gotten off at the last stop and cracked the social barrier once again. It gets easier every time i dare "go there" -but still.

You see, it  takes a weird courage as "we" seem to have adopted thicker protective bubbles as our cultural abuse becomes ever more apparent. This shield takes an intentional action which can elicit camaraderie and/or cold stares, so is always a challenge. I sorted through these feelings and settled with  "giving it up to the universe."

I told myself if she was on the connecting bus, which could happen, then i would have to reach out. I mean her hat was enough of a reason;  and because as silly as it sounds i thought her possibly as one of my "children," i felt obligated. The darely beloveds, the rebels, the creative crafters, the ones who understand that floating along mainstream is sleeping at the wheel..they are the leaders, the genius of alternative possibility, i think i understand a bit of what they feel.. So because this is frairly irrational in a world designed to eliminate all else- I called on serendipity to guide the way. Allowing the answer to fit the parameters of the question is a useful thing to do.

So after about a 10 minute wait, my bus rolled around the corner and stopped. I boarded and there she was. I sat on the side seat behind her and watched her rummage through a bag of clothing and pull out a painted, jean mini that had to be a reFashion piece. She then started setting studs into the piece and i was in a big " aha" moment. Yes to the universe, serendipity and gos of chance.

I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she was making the skirt to wear or sell.

She pulled out her earbuds and told me that she sells them. We then had a terrific  inspiring chat that nurtured my soul and shifted the mood of other passengers. When i asked about a particular stop a few others came to rescue, one even gave directions to the bookstore. This is a beautiful thing, you know it when it happens.

bus style impressions

This is also the "data" i am collecting to support our species ability to bloom in a healthy cooperative society. This is the bloom that tells me we will thrive and that the old ignorance will be shed.

 Kirstin is one of the new designers that make custom affordable, locally, creatively and responsible, she is one of the changelings helping us open to the light. Bloom baby, bloom. Check out her vintage stock at