Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Shilshole Landscape
Seascape Sky

Last week I went to Shilshole to film some Mother Nature footage to augment waterRIP the Flow as i am changing the story of the installation to fit a Youtube presence.

This transmedia stuff is challenging but great brain exercise. I am thinking it beats the little puzzles and games -you know those products being touted as brain exercises.

I am thinking a whole system's approach will always get better results. When intent, purpose, appreciation and synergy are in harmony with the soul's journey aka core personhood and patterned upon unified field concepts in physics, nature (bio physio perceptions) and consciousness, it makes sense.

WaterRip-the Flow is all over biomimicry, so cosmomimicry isn't such a leap. Dancing with the universe, now i know what i mean.

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