Monday, February 18, 2013

Year of the Snake

Pastel of San Francisco Garter Snake

Snakes are symbolic of bad juju in Judeo/Christian metaphor but in the Year of the Snake another possibility arises.

Snakes shed their old skins in order to grow.

Shedding the old skin allows for kind of transformation. How cool is that?

Bridging from the last blog entry (Nature is no Mother) where gender personification and the Bible were used to illustrate the vision of division: i now ask "bad juju for who?"

Playing with the metaphor of the talking snake: when it seduces Eve into taking a bite of the apple, isn't it about asking her (and Adam) to grow into consciousness, accept responsibility for thoughts, actions?  Doesn't that whole disobedience thing smack of "do as i say, because i am the all powerful Oz" or the ubiquitous, "because i said so?"

The better story reads that the apple is a gift, for in it are the seeds of " becoming."

Now just "being" is the classic meditation focus. Being in the moment is super, it helps ground and center us, is where joy resides, helps us resonate with the frequency of life, more.

However, accepting the process of becoming, awakens the souls journey aka inspires potential, blasts open our personal gates of  mediocrity, exposes the ideas of consciousness - how it can activate or detonate potential and the quantum ideas behind the observer affecting the observed.  This is exciting stuff. What amazing creative possibilities are suggested.

And as concepts move conscious behaviours, we are entering the era of unified fields and understanding more the energy, the power of thoughts.  Even as the old "skin" is ungraciously hanging on in some sectors, we are working around it.

How do we exist in being and becoming at the same time. Like the paradox of the unique individual being but part of the whole, it seems the paradox is the solution.

Transformation is going towards "light." I experience it through "aha" moments and core centered knowing. This may or may not speak to you but i believe you "know it when you experience it " is available to all conscious beings. Classic light bulb glowing effect in cartoons subs for further research.

 So if we say yes to the "new dress" what now? As we shed the skins of the old paradigm there is a time of naked vulnerability, a time of asking what am i doing out here on this limb?

Yet finding our new skin, one that is unique and yet paradoxically insync with the whole, calls for a time of "dress up" or "trial and error."  (Note that gender play even here :-)

So what we need are a few dressing rooms attached to experimental labs with showrooms, alteration enthusiasts and some multi discipline consultants, simply put, we need more places to dance with the universe.

These will be safe "houses"  to try new ideas on, check the fit, see what needs altering, what needs discarding, so we can strut out all fresh and renewed. This will encourage others to do in kind. (As ego grows up we will better understand its place in the replace)

For deep down in knowing, we generate the transformative DNA, it's the conscious evolution, baby. It's the immune response system, the act of life calling to life, this is how we show our appreciation of the gift we were given. This is whole systems healing.

This recycouture vision brought to you by fashionRIP Project, manifesting the change one day at a time.

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