Sunday, March 17, 2013

@ the Blarney Stone

Kilting it macho
DIY ripping style

i didn't know my neighbor played pool!
putting the kitsch in kitchen
Thank you wonderful people of  the Blarney Stone last Friday night for "liking" the   Important Public Service Announcements idea.
I am really offended that politicians (once called public servants) are blaming "the people" for their ignorance, while setting policy that utilizes this so called ignorance, as a tool to enable dastardly deeds of environmental and social injustice. If we are ill informed, why? Is it because we have a media sponsored by liars and if so who gave them that power?
OK -no matter, as that question just reiterates more blame throwing.
Instead i am taking on my own challenge to be more vocal with the message.  The videos and installations have been wonderful experiences and have reached quite a few people. However fashionRIP Project is designed to be flexible, organic and evolving, based on nature it adapts.
The IPSA can be a faster, more flexible and mobile means of information scatter.
Learning to deliver the message without being "killed" will take practice, skill, courage and a little (or a lot of) help from my friends and soon to be friends. Enough of this insanity, it is time to divert the machine, open it up and find all the people.   

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