Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life and Money

illustration by John Tenniel from
Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Money and Life looks to be a great film, as is rounding up many of my economic relationship heroes.  I just realized that we rarely see the words relationship with money unless it's via the Law of Attraction - where the words abundance and prosperity still have many thinking in terms of wealth, which is then translated to money and material goods. I believe this blindspot has many issues and few people appear willing to "go there." This film should help reveal the path and make the going easier.

(Oops, i  leapt over the obvious, in $ and relationships- golddigger -a derogatory term (meme and a Refuzor song) that helped usurp the old norm of marrying for money and power. The archaic norms devoted to species propagation -aka my tribes bigger than yours- as a marker of power and wealth- came from a narrow physiological perspective. As we changed over time we (western focus) culturally adapted and put the emphasis on love.)

Energy and relationships are built into everything.  Exposing economics, by digging under all the graphs, charts  and justifications -we see the relationships. Humans in relationships with each other, with the myriad other life forms, with sum total resources, with planet systems, more and vice versa.

More and more life supporting/enhancing interactions are weighing in against the economic construct that was built on exchanges, which were made easier with money.

As the monetary systems grew, the more turf it claimed. To survive, the system became more abstract and "rational." Then it was rational to put money as object and subject. This swayed our thinking - the more real money appeared,  the more power we gave it. This is why banks had to gobble each other up and whyderivitives were born into "being."

I love that the trailer for Money and Life, brings up the fact that money is something humans made up. It became part of the cultural tale.  It was woven into the stories that are handed down via familty, community, formal education, marketers and in the memes that are passed around like mind plagues. This is part of our collective doing and now it's in an undoing process. 

This is a good thing. Seeing the error of one's ways  (even if that "one" is a system or cultural viewpoint) opens the path for great change.

We as a species are toppling from the old construct. Some are jumping, some feel their new wings and have started to fly, some are simply falling off as the supports give way.

All the while, others are hanging on for "dear life," they ignore the ruckus -looking the other way, they assure each other that they will survive this too, for are they not at the pinnacle of the construct, living as removed as possible from the dust and crumbs of the cultural demise?

For some reason, Humpty Dumpty comes to mind and just like in the nursery rhyme, "nothing will put HD back together again."

This is good, for once we finally realize that repair is not an answer, we can actually  move into the new stories. (Creative diversity will guide us as it has nature, health is in diversity)

The new stories will allow our potential to expand. We have done the pro-creation thing and it is so time for the co-creative partnering thing.

As we learn to embrace that which we once saw as chaos, when we appreciate the Earth and all life, learn to recognize the light in everything and learn to love without fear, we will heal and transform.  (part of the Mythic Deconstruction story, thnx David Felker (Kerf Gallery) for the discussion last night, we all need to address the crazy emo side of things. Madness by Muse brings it home fairly well.)

According to this film, we can be the designers of a world that is equitable, sustainable and beautiful. So why not go there?

I am.

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