Friday, May 17, 2013

Post Net Era

Anyone else out there notice how the ads population has expanded? I think of going online and i shudder now, as ads swarm the internet like locusts. The plague of the promo is upon us.

Does this mean that the market solutions ideology must face its own reflection, realize its errors and open an honest discussion? I don't know, ideologists are notoriously dodgy as
cognitive dissonance reigns.

Hey oh- opportunists are no doubt seeing it as more eyes for netpads and phones time to "grow" the next market shmooze.

When I was a kid, we had a card game called Pit. It was a game of strategy and luck where players collected cards in a suite of farm goods. When one player had all of the product cards in their hands they had cornered the market and won the game.

At the time it was just a fun thing to do. The best part was shouting "Corner on rye" or whatever and ending the game.

Now I see it as creepy. I see the agri biz companies as Pit gamers who rule from Boardwalk as the ha ha, wink wink Not Monopoly gig is well rigged and protected by the laws that appear as  pre-orders, packaged by Congress in a timely manner. (Check out ALEC)

Looking at the planet as a production machine for profit making ventures allows for huge short term wins and long term losses. What's cool about this?

As the monster truths under our way of life are being called out, some just dig in their heels, shutter their visions and continue shushing the "damn alarmists." They chase wealth, the rush, the power and the promise of happiness because that is the story they were told. They believe it because there is not another story that promises as much.

So as the soils are ruined by industrial farm methods, creating the scarcity that serves price rising and bottom lines, "we" are successfully creating the world of our choosing. Chasing wealth and power to find happiness is killing life but ..and .here all the logic fails.

The cornering of markets and the slaying of competitors comes faster every round. Price fixing is easier and market delusions flood media and as "we all float on" (Modest Mouse) nothing changes until we are in the slaughter house of "our" own collective design. OOPS!!

The tail feather:
GMO labeling thing is not about the price of adding labels per se, many products are adding health claims as they try to rise above the FDA taint.

So what is the underlying angle here, why are we told the cost of food will rise X percent if labels are mandated?

My take is that the loss of revenue on these genetically engineered cross species, insecticide laden "food" products will be added to the prices of other goods. This is how corporate loss becomes the rest of the world's problem. "Corners*" on markets allows them to adjust and manipulate prices. This is how capitalism works.

* Three major corporations control the "food" industry. Like the three media giants and the huge fashion corporate complex that is now down to a small number of rulers- we are back in the scene of olde- narrow warring kingdoms of another kind. Geeesh!!

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