Monday, June 3, 2013

Olde Story

Creating "Hunger"

                                                     Don't Go There!!
The olde story has to be told within a new context. We need to balance it out, not just so women have an equal voice but so that we as human beings can balance our psyches.

Saturday night, I and about 100 or so others, watched "Genetic Roulette" an informative film produced to frame the other story of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) at the University of Washington HUB. ( Held on campus with restrictive strings attached as funding of labs and education of 'workers" is not an accident)

I am against GMOs for soil "death"  and because they are designed to replace natural abundance with controlled and patented scarcity; for scarcity creates profit.

There is enough evidence in the scientific, the environmental and the medical communities to stop this attack on sensibilities that see's world dominance of food crops as a "good thing." This insanely arrogant raison d'etre that pushes the old story to extreme limits on so many fronts, must be stopped.

So the why is out there, the how remains trapped in a classic reiteration , which is why i am writing a "new" story.

For this current era is just the cumulative output of the male creative impulse that took off before the written word when trade and turfing got heated and hell started breaking loose.

According to Celtic legend women left the battle field to raise and nurture the young after a baby was retrieved from the breast of it's beheaded mother. This seemed a good idea at the time, but cut women off from the political and trade discussions until suffrage, hundreds of years later!

Anyway, along the way, little by little, men decided that eliminating "bad guys" (the other) vanquishing nature, penetrating markets and dominating arenas was the way to make the world a better place.

Through these many years full of many events ( with only a few edited and reiterated to be passed forward) the legend of "who we are," grew.

As monarchies outgrew their turf  whilst dis-eases of exclusion and inbreeding erupted - siblings  killing each other off in throne rivalries,  madness as in Henry the 8th, Ludwig and Charles, extensive overspending, warring and colonization (as in Greeks , then Romans and then dah!)- another means to power opened up.

The introduction of money diversified power by creating a mechanism to build wealth. The banking and merchant  "class" started to grow. Think de Medici,  Dutch merchants, the Jewish in Portugal and the taking down of the Knights Templar.

All part of the next voila -where the pen becomes mightier than the sword.

As ideology was debated and revolutions flourished there was a change of power and wealth though a lot of the ideology remained intact. Gilded with words like equality, freedom and the pursuit of happiness the mainstem of control by an elite few, remained.

Hierarchy was not disputed much for was not God  on top of the Son and Holy Ghost? Was not the Bishop on top of the priest and parishioners?  (no pun intended!) Was not man on top of women and the beasts of the field?  Was not Allah on top,  Kings or an elite authority a given- the way it was, just because?

When the monetary system bedded with the corporate construct a next form of ideology was birthed. That thinking abstracted being from doing and allowed for the new kind of monster.

Monster? It must be a monster, else why is it ok with killing it's own kind, fouling it's living room and ignorantly slaying all who question its "right" to do so?  Okay so this has roots in the past but never without any means of conscience. This new brainwarp has the "privilege' of no morality, ethics or empathy, none of the human "downsides" that can slow it up. No this monster is a legal psychopath, designed to pursue and control power and wealth efficiently. As such it is a good design but it is a terrible design for evolving life forms. It is the anti life machine. monster. EEEWWWW!!!

The introduction of the GMO is a brilliant sign of the pathology of this design.  This time, because it affects all of us to some degree - is waking up the world. Sectors are recognizing connections and this peculiarly brilliant form of insanity is being diagnosed.

For when profit means taking down natural systems at the expense of infants, women, children and men, animals and plants, entire ecosystems -when nothing is sacred, when nothing matters then we are dead before we actually die.  If this isn't madness, what is?

 I fail to understand the point of it all.

End Part One

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