Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashion vs Health

Photo courtesy of DittyBox

Teaser here! Cosets, Control and Consumer Demand..

"Corset damage was ignored, even as fainting spells rose. Fainting became a sign of feminine delicacy so  symptom relief was sought rather than going for the prevention. (Until some flagrant feminist, some outrageous pioneer of garb said, "Wait a minute, girding my torso is torture and i won't take it any more!" Does this sound familiar? (djb, from Fashion Ethos) "

& i just realized- the fainting couch actually became a popular piece of furniture. .So fainting was good for capitalism - it created a "need" for more products!! See how this stuff works?

Please read the rest of the story on Fashion Ethos.

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Photo courtesy of  LemonCadet

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