Friday, June 14, 2013

Sun Dried

Sited near the University of Washington, a solutionary baby step that has a lot of great side effects.

Side Effects:
A fresh, delightful smell that isn't laden with endocrine disrupting and what else? chemicals that are bad for us, the water,the soil and the other life forms of the planet.

The sun is a natural disinfectant and a mildew and mold spore stopper.

Gentle breezes are nature's energy and if they are good enough to help regulate the planet's systems, i believe they are good enough to help us dry our linens and tee shirts.

Sometimes i think manufacturing partnerships were formed without formal agreement ages ago, why else would a way of looking at the world become so dominate, especially when it is so out of sync with the larger reality.  I think this was put forward as education.

Like hey everybody, use "convenient" energy that is supplied by a larger, controlling group of humans intent on profit,  lose an exercise opportunity and tumble your clothing away in a "dryer." Then we will make clotheslines an eyesore, even illegal in some sectors and call it a day!

Is this great or what?

Don't listen to me, check it out for yourself. You might love it! I have towels a week plus off the line and still smelling like sunshine and clover..still just yummy fresh.

And by the way, there is no lint trap under clotheslines...clothes will look better longer and we can slow fast fashion a bit just like that!

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