Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trash Fashion Copped From J Rotten?

original shot


SAM with Future Fashion  exhibit behind the Veil of  "who makes fashion and why?" 

" I walked up and down the King’s Road with complete anger and resentment. People were extremely absurd and still stuck into flares, platform shoes, neat hair and pretending that the world wasn’t really happening. It was an escapism that I resented. There was also a garbage strike going on, and there was trash piled ten feet high... Wear the garbage bag, for God’s sake, and then you are dealing with it. That’s what I would be doing, I would wrap myself in trash."
– Johnny Rotten

from Dazed Digital

Selling the illusion is what keeps fashion alive. "Style" according to CoCo Chanel is what matters; as fashion is a vehicle to drive trend. Style is the personal  aesthetic that one can build upon for it is about the unique twist one brings to the party of life. 

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