Saturday, April 19, 2014

It is Another World

When you start seeing the world differently the world you see changes.

 I now see God, Gaiad, the Uni-verse in Everything.

One Love may be the best term to describe this interrelated, dynamic, spiritual, physical, dance that is playing everywhere, always.

We are never alone, the whole of the possible infinite is guiding our journeys..soul connections..form and reform..this is the unfolding.

The energy of the whole bubbles in the immune system of the planet as it wakens in the heads and hearts of the many who are challenging the old ways. (Paul Hawkens, Blessed Unrest) People the world over are rising up to speak truth to the old power.

(Trapped in a state of arrested development it believes itself to be always developing aka growth and progress paradigm..that is the juxtapose of shadow and light- later!)

The spirit survives in the words and ways Jesus chose to inform people that they were connected to God, that they mattered, that they were loved equally. (the spirit of Easter, renewal and revival, resurrection..all are healing terms)

This is the same spirit that is aligned with nature, evolution and the joy of being. Consciousness and vital energy need each other...the dance appreciates as it realizes its own becoming.

This is not a fantasy, the fantasy was in thinking we were contained by the ego. But now we can see past the emergence, past the individuation process, past the reflective social we can intentionally move into the power of grace.

We are not alone. God, the whole of consciousness, the whole of vital energy is urging us to tell our new stories.  We are creative expressions, we are painters and poets, musicians and movers, writers and do-ers..It is Time.

OK it feels like a set up, a fiction piece.. "There they were, on the brink of disaster when the hero picks up a mighty Daisey and the world stops smashing awaits the..."

Anyway i reiterate that we are creative expressions of the Creator (works even in a DNA formula that just like happened..i am not out to fixate on an idea, just trying to make sense of available info..facts and feelings)

So it is time to create the world we want and stop running from the monster, stop fighting our shadows, stop imagining the bogeyman. There are things to deal with, much we do not understand and much to shake us up..however we also know that when we ask love to guide us, when we intentionally seek to find the god in everything...we see the world as new and that is a very good beginning.

Experiment with the light, for we have been in the dark a bit too long!

NOTE: i realize bringing in religious matter is tricky. Religions are part of the problem,; anything prepackaged for consumption is full of weird and unhealthy attributes, because convenience has a price.

Sorting out the plus/minus and neutral isn't easy, but when a majority are conditioned to believe in the "package" it becomes a matter of communication and audience. Gaiad is in everything.

My quest these days is to meet it "where it lives" " for that place is sacred, that is where the authentic heart, the deep soul, the energy of the being dwells. Like Avalon and Atlantis we harbor the mystic...because that ancient intuitive voice still resonates...because we get it...deep inside where the propaganda can't reach- we know we are more than the package allows.

Head trip!!

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