Saturday, May 3, 2014

Heart and Circulation

  Park Pop Up installation, 5 2 2014

Recent Earth Day documentaries on Pivot  (their April month of  specials, really deserves a mention) had me thinking again how our bodies are patterns of organic constructs found in other works of Nature, similar patterns throughout systems with change, adaptive qualities..this is rich.

I loved doing the water systems recycouture exhibit of 2012. This is where a woman  spoke to me of our being in co-evolution with plants, animals et al and how this coevolving sustained us. Plants use energy we cannot and as humans when we consume plants we are actually releasing the vital nutrients that were made available during the photosynthesizing process. How cool is this?

But in our anthropomorphic delusions, we altered systems to support our species. This is a huge Plus & Minus topic as we crashed around all ignorant and arrogant and yet managed to survive -so now we can observe what our ignorance and arrogance has created- the irony is sweet. The solutions are available, the beliefs correctable and the new stories are being written.

The satin heart construct with painting of wooded stream that meanders from an open horizon to let in the light, the energy of consciousness. The painting becomes 3 d as it escapes with a tulle river to become an expression of confluence, flow and bio mimicry.. a metaphor of how we connect to the whole of being, in multi mediums.

 I appreciate how beautifully our veins and arteries circulate blood and how this vital fluid transports nutrients through our bodies, much as rivers and streams have been transporting nutrients throughout our planet's ecosystems.  This creates the necessary regenerative flow that enhances life and supports evolution which supports our material beingness which enables consciousness..that is beyond amazing! For without consciousness what really "exists?"

This metaphor goes further as humans and other species store toxic wastes as well, often in fat.  New blood flow systems are generated to support these sites that contain the things bodies cannot flush or utilize.

Land fills, toxic waste and soil seepage ......environment out "there" and in "here."

Rivers transport goods and generate services created by humans and yet we block, control reroute them as we believe we need to do so in order to boost our energy; all the while depleting another kind of energy elsewhere.

The Mad Hatter Tea Party with delusions of the infinite table, where guests and hosts just moved down when a mess was made. I think Lewis Carrol was writing of more than than an event in a children's book. We as a species see the end of the table and we know not what to do except continue an ancient pattern that regenerates more problems. This is the mainstream level of flow and why the alternative paths are so very important, to stray is to solve that which cannot be solved with the thinking that created it (Einsteins best) .

So in this mess we are facing ...a simple oops and let us sincerely do better would help us all to heal. However most humans  are apparently transfixed by their own toxic brains, held in the black magic spells of that old story.

"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small and the pills your mother gives you..." (Jefferson Airplane) actually may show up as damage later! 

We are all here to participate in the now story. Every day we make choices that contribute to the Love or the Fear in that story.

Those willing to face the fear, see the shadow and the damage need to explore the new path, write the new stories. For if we do not face fear- we run or fight, both acts just get us ever deeper into the shadow.

New stories can turn the whole planet direction around.

Artists activate your tools and utilize them well, for it is in the creative mind that our resources can expand. (The Quantum Activist- A Goswami can further this concept, that book brought it home to me!)


herbert said...

Re: ..This creates the necessary regenerative flow that enhances life and supports evolution which supports our material beingness which enables consciousness..that is beyond amazing! For without consciousness what really "exists?"

And yet 'consciousness' may derive from an awareness of Movement- of a sense of the Relative 'existence' of all the kinetic forms (which actually share a commonality) as it moves about in Space (that it also 'defines', in a way). "Life" may not be a requisite for the existence of "consciousness" at all... but simply an aspect of it that 'takes it personally' (and probably TOO personally).
The River 'knows' the Rock,as it follows its own nature, and moves bits of the Rock to a new situation; and the Rock 'knows' the river as a 'feeling' and as an agent of change... and may 'remember' its own liquid beginnings.
Thanks for this essay. I enjoy being engaged and provoked to conjecture... helps me remember that I'm alive! ^..^

deborah said...

thank you for the discerning reply! Yes the too personal aspect is a juxtapose to the whole, however that is where the diversity arises. In ecosystems -diversity is the key to health. I see tyhis as aligned to creative diversity and too needs the non consensual to explore the next. Always becoming, always in flow..thus our fear of "change" is used to control and retain old stories all the while we need to let go and create the new heal at the level of the individual and the whole at is about the relationships as much as the "individuals" the juxtapose is the leap.