Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day Trees and Robot Bees

Be aware, be awake and start talking. Your real time, 3 d efforts are required!
The above photo is of my fave Mother Tree..i noticed her and her male consort several years ago..I visit them to add natural ritual to my life.  (try it -for fun)
On this Mother's Day, i honor the vital energy of natural forces beyond our real control. Despite planned parenthood, ultrasound, caesarians and all that we have learned life to another human being has an energy of its own.

I remember at a certain point in my pregnancy where i experienced an allowance, a letting go of "control" a time of faith where i handed off some of the "action" to Gaiad (God and Nature together again(?) By accepting the pregnancy i accepted a host of changes.

Watching my womb expand, stretching the skin across my abdomen , feeling the kicks and ripples. being.halfway thrilled, halfway appalled -this went way beyond the baby maker's manuals of the day.

This experience left me with a visceral sense of life. I believe women and chaos have an understanding that no man will understand in quite the same way. For in the chaos of body that allows for new life there is another reality, a meaning that is intricate and sublime and way beyond reason and rational thinking.

Yes, continence of the species is in the background tapes but beyond that is a co-creative vibrancy that resonates throughout the uni-verse. In this aspect all human creativity becomes manifest, a part of the renewing process..

It is in this sweet acceptance of "chaos" where the creative, imaginal cells thrive and is where we too, come alive.  Therefore, it is in all of our best interests to pay attention, to waken from the prior collective delusional  dream of domination and embrace the potential of the "open"  It is time to have faith in the process, in our own hearts and our own minds; as we reach toward love, this time without all the trappings that make it "safe" and "not" love. That plan has backfired...big time!

Learning to pay attention to the intricate web of the life that surrounds and supports us..that which truly enables our existence...this is the new adventure.This is where we will find new hope and experience he actualization of our new stories.

Our primal fears of the forest in those days of yore have met up with todays better understandings however we are now dealing with a huge gap we need to leap. In our search for survival, independence and "security" we thought we could do it with a conquer, dominate and control strategy. We pitted our abilities against the forces of Nature. Now we are starting to realize how wrong minded that vision and those actions were and are.s. Now we can choose  wiser course, a course that aligns with the Natural world.

We can choose to learn from Mother Tress,  nature's water systems, our psychology of fear and scarcity, our innate curiosity and imagination,  our connection to the whole of life and what that really means now..we can choose to accept the responsibility of consciousness and action. We are ready.

It is time to reconsider, re-value and re-imagine our existence to allow us to become more fully into our human beingness This is not the time to shrink into mechanistic patterns that project the past onto the future nor is it time for spiritual ascension , the isolated updrawl into communing with spirit stuff. Please ...that is throwing out the baby and the bathwater..that time is passe... I believe God/Gaia believes we can do more-and  is rooting for us..we are LOVED

!The trigger for today's post was from a blog response on dandelions that pointed me to a video on robotics.

Robot bees will not really "replace"  living insects just as faux chemical vitamins are not as the natural delivery systems nature has designed and as such may be of little or no use...we are past the dawn of the scientific breakthrough shazaam! ...the looky what i did!! childhood of our curiosities.

We are maturing into fully enabled human beings, ready to accept the responsibility and grace of a maturing species, a species that sees where it fits into the larger puzzle of the whole of life, ..and this is what will generate the new stories; stories that will heal us and allow us to enter the fiery heart of LOVE to heal and live as new.

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