Sunday, June 1, 2014

A de-Folk- life 2014

Photos from  the streets the "to and fro " felt livelier than the legit stuff at the fest!

This year, Folklife felt like  a sad desperate thing....weirdly disjointed, desperate, a creative wasteland trying very hard to please....who, what and why?

The more people become dependent on the big, the few and the corporate, with ever more a focus on selling to the masses, the more diversity is drained, seen as unnecessary. This equates with ill health in ecosystems.

Since people are ecosystems, other bodies live in and on us, (microbes) We are social bodies all around.

This makes humans part of a wholistic cycle of give and take, which equates to a regenerative system one we all should learn to respect.

We are not really those singular, overly competitive, shallow, seduced and used tools and twits we appear to be in the eyes of the "market." We can rise above this delusional state and face our errors and challenges.

This is the braver new world  (The Journey to the Center of Being, working title for a new story) and it will take a new kind of courage- the courage to heal, to LOVE and LIVE as never before. It is evolutionary my dear!

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