Sunday, June 22, 2014

Letting Go

 Indoor "Moving Sale" as Social Activism

Selling most everything i own is a strange experience, one that is really teaching me about my own gullible response to those market voices. I am sorting out all the things that i once thought valuable and am realizing again and again, how value is relative, how taste and market value changes and why that is and was a silly way to "spend" so much time aka energy. What was i thinking when i bought that dress or made that jacket to wear it once or twice and then let it hang there in a closet for years.

The up side is that my custom garb and the vintage collection i built has a kind of ongoing appeal that can nimbly by pass the "trend" at least somewhat.

At the same time i am hoping others will love, buy and take home this array of items,  wear these garments and help me make space for a new path in life. So what is that in an ethical format?

Once again i meet the infamous juxtapose, yes; for as i am passing these items forward, i am keeping a bit of fast fashion at bay. I am also getting to talk a lot about the ReFashion Hub and how we can re imagine the meanings of value and redefine who we are as a people and thus re-arrange the values of the culture and SOS before we totally singe our wings.

I am getting ever more aware as to how the  mainstream media continues to influence the population in both the subtle (Antique Roadshow) and obvious ( _____makes your life FUN) which has me wondering why these forces cannot be turned to face the oncoming train wreck humanity has created?  At what length of self dupe will we as a species go to "save face?"  When we could simply derail the mindset that is setting up this greatest of crashes and leap that fate!

Like what is tat old think win?? I do not understand the inability to say oops? It must hold a fear for "power" which then says our leaders of fate are not equipped for the roles they have.  If that is the case, then that means, by golly;  it is truly up to each and every one of us to take the time to reflect and review what it is we are thinking, doing and believing. It is time to drop the tether that power contrives, forgive the ignorance, fear and pettiness and reconfigure the path.  A little contemplative, deconstructing of the facade will do us all wonders & then we just might be that kind of wonderful!~

OK i get told how every generation had its big "issue" and we are still here on this Earth, but that falls into the "we are eating this processed faux food and we are still alive"  category and all the other justification responses that people like to toss out and yes, what we have is a result of what we believed to be true and ya da da.

I am not impressed with this, I am annoyed that the media and the technology we have is used more often to continue the crazy economic led nonsense we are pushed to enable, then it is to invigorate the changes we really need. For we need to better understand the whole of  connected beingness, the interrelated natural systems and how the flow of energy impacts consciousness and...For it is here that our true wealth and inheritance abides. 

Today, as i see Seattle being bulldozed to empower urban density with its faux sustainable and green living projects aka the "new" tenements for a "million new neighbors." (thnxs SoundTransit for that set up to manifest) I ask why crows are more agressive, why no bugs run from uplifted stones, why i haven't seen a grasshopper in years?

Why are people being jived to build rain gardens to offset the concrete and keep some toxic runoff from Puget Sound? ( A body of water already polluted)  Yeah, that'll do it.. Really?  Do these people just not speak to each other or what?

So i am not so very impressed. I am thinking we can and must do better than this (Dr Suess) I am thinking if Mother Trees can send healing nutrients to other species , even a valley away and if the 4th generation of Monarch Butterfly can live 9 times longer than the previous 3, then as human conscious so called "intelligent " beings...we can do a lot better than we are and have done up until now.

I think we can believe we can do better and then we will, that is just applied quantum physics. 

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funkisockmunki said...

It was so great to meet you yesterday at your letting go sale - Thank you for sharing your extras! I hope you will check out Lo Fi festival next year, because it's full of amazing people like yourself, working to make a new story. Here's a link to more information about the festival. Your work seems like a perfect fit for a future Lo Fi. ;-)