Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Trails

 Hand painted, beaded, sequined and embroidered 
Cowboy n Can can skrt detail

Yesterday, my Cowboy n Can Can skirt left in the tattooed arms of a happy excited young woman.This is the stuff of joy. She and her friend both got it -the skirt and the aesthetics.

While i m at it, thanks and kudos to the patient young man and the quixotic eared, charming pit bull who waited on the porch. He pitched in with some funds when the women came up a bit short. I suspect great mutuality here, the share and movement of resources that speaks to the next ideal.

I feel so good about people  at these times and know we will make it through this irresponsible old quack paradigm. The wings are beginning to flutter.

While discussing fit and other measuring things we had a nice chat about the myths of western culture, especially those phallic obsessed Greeks and the dissing of the feminine. She -of the skirt- pointed me to the story of Zuess's  birth and the destruction of the original feminine  i suspect it relates to the "early tapes" that Carl Jung alludes to in the Fear of the Great Mother. I love putting these pieces together, seeing how they fit and why knowing it will free us from their tangled chains.

This is all heady stuff, moving towards this co-creative future, where no one gender needs to lord it over, manipulate or fear the "other." All power plays are fear activated no..? So feeling this "next' validated helps me stay on the path. Ha, like a pinball wizard, i see things light up when the ideas  hit the right spots.

As this moving sale aligns with the reFashion Hub project, i get to easily segue and promote the newest phase of fashionRIP Project. Teachers, wanna be sewers, general good will huggers and interested "do something whens" are rolling in, changing tides.

The healing is on.

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