Sunday, August 3, 2014

Born of Stars

 When we learn to see differently, what we see changes.

"We are born of stars" (M Kaku)  and filled with stars.

That sparkly, twinkle sensation that emanates from the cells in your body are they not like stars?  That aliveness is the vital energy that moves us and through us all.

I feel it best when i lie still after morning exercises stretches-yoga and pilates.  Feeling one's own aliveness helps us connect to the whole flow of life itself. I believe it one door through which we can experience our relationship to the whole living planet, uni-verse and...?

Vital energy is in the very music of string theory, it shows up as the vibration that hums through our bodies, our "personal ecosystems" and beyond, way, way beyond.

If you close your eyes; where do you end? You feel boundary sensations only where you touch "other" or that which appears as matter not you.” How cool is that?  Thank you Steve Ross for pointing this out.

This was new to me, as i had been taught to view my body in machine like terms. (or as a sexual “object”- that divisioning for hierarchical thinking-again)

All that huff and puff aerobic stuff, the weight lifting the exercise for muscle tone, weight loss and or heart health, sexual desirability, the focus was all about performance and measurable results.  I wasn't taught to value my "being" or celebrate my body as a glorious piece in the whole of "physical matter."

Why so?

I have a cousin who is a math prof. He is in town to do tenure fulfillment obligations. I asked him about this and he told me he was working on an app for statistics. In this process he is figuring out a way to condense data to fit the platform aka play with the numbers to oblige the new "tool!"

This is precious!

First we create the tool and then through market agenda, memes and other influences, that "tool" takes over and becomes a "ruler" of thought.  Then we cater to the tool, we design for it, we extoll its virtues and scoff at those without the newest "tools." 
This example of interactivity between what we create and conscious application apparently slides under the radar in the guise of "progress” aka not to be questioned!

However, what can we learn from this rather silly and insatiable quest?

One answer:
We are living in a world that we are designing. So now let us design the world we really want to live in.

Even those who think they benefit from the design of the old story are hurting. They too are trapped and arrested by the concepts that are destroying the diversity of choice probabilities.” Living in this story manifests as a shrinking down spiral.

Every loss in diversity equates to a loss in health. (We are ecosystems, we co evolved with the whole of the planet’s ecosystems, we are connected, therefore trashing the planet’s systems is suicidal behavior) The next loop in the spiral down creates even more self-limiting beliefs as more choices seem to dry up. The pattern is obvious and need not, should not be followed. This is not acceptable behavior!

It does, however, show that we have power and that our beliefs set that power in motion. Ok then, now let us take this knowledge and act responsibly like the maturing, conscious species we like to think we are. 

 One way is to re imagine what we think to be of value. What is really valuable?
What about exploring underappreciated resources and questioning the hand me down concepts, we are encouraged to "own." and to propagate?  These kinds of questions can open us up to new choices.

New choices manifest new actions and more new choices "appear." This is an expanding or  upward spiral, this is freedom.

It is time to recognize that we as the user of tools, should not be the pawn of the toolmakers-no matter how high tech the bluff. We can overcome our walls and boundaries, once we see through them.

We are capable. We are powerful. When we align our power, our vital energy to whole of wellbeing, connect to love and drop the reins of fear..i believe we will see the dawn of that new day.

After all- we are born of stars and are filled with the same amazing energy as the stars.

The  “Blue Stars” in fabric, photo picture above were inspired by  the enigmatic relationship between Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. (Just Kids)  What if co creative tension supports a next paradigm dynamic. One where chaos and confusion, a love/fear  balance sparks imaginal cells in a space where true equals balance between love and fear? 

Later Gator.....

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