Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Not Us-It'sThe Story!

 Cotton jacket made from pattern taken from a vintage piece. Hand dyed and painted. Dead trees symbolic to fashionRIP Project m, butterflies all transtion, metamorphosis and hope..

The stories we hold in our minds (and bodies)  build up and frame our sense of "self."

We are huge collections of feelings, thoughts, experiences; all wired together with stories of who we believe ourselves to be. This becomes who we "are."

These story collages can be helpful or they can spill out and cloud the NEW moment. This is probably why we repeat things until we change the thinking that created the problem.

If it looks like a horse and moves like a horse it must be a horse..but no, it could be a zebra or a mystical unicorn.

Our stories can be very helpful. It is great that we can get home without having to memorize the route every day. It is way cool that we can maintain friendships and math formulas.

But when it comes to recognizing the gift in the moment, these 'stories"  can just get in the way. They can be saboteurs of experience, emotional hijackers - damn, they can be liars and thieves. They cover us in assumptions, with thinking that hauls up the past or plans for the future. They can keep us from being present in the now.

This is really a pertinent issue in relationships and can totally screw us over.

As relationships are the heart and soul, the embodiment of the whole individualized, they are the crux of realizing self. This means we  can help each other see potential and open the range of collective possibilities or we can freak from a past experience, show our hackles and/or  dodge, seek comfort and avoid going 'there" again.

Fear pushes away love and the honest, open trusting communication we need in order to step up into potential and to really thrive.

This is why we need a new story. It is hard to release the old one until a new one appears.As this has to do with fear of change, I will continue it in part 2.

I recently realized my fictional character, the Ice Queen was "me." This came from a source totally out of context but hit me straight on. I often use my intellect as a shield and as a way to freeze my emotional self. This aligns me with the old story, for i was told that my feelings did not matter, my thinking did. (Prof at SCCC in a world history class)

Rational, reasonable  "professional" behavior has been at the fore of our systems construct. As this idea goes way back to the Greeks, who feared the emotional, passionate energies, the chaos of nature and women, it appears  "right."

Appearances can be deceiving and our "wrong" emotions are there for a reason. It is time to clarify and heal this misunderstanding.

Anyway,. i did not see this aspect of the Ice Queen coming.  I thought of her as a great visual metaphor for coming to terms with global warming. I saw her melting in correlation with the exposure of lies in the cultural story and as a representative of self in the feminine. Sent in to unravel the cultural myths that helped me explore my own stories, she shined her light on me.

Segue- This is why art matters.

As my fashionRIP Project experiment continues, The Journey to the Center of Being has become more than a script  "out there" It is now proving to be a relevant part of my personal path.

This simultaneity is intriguing... .. to be cont.

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