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Whose Fooling Who, "the Branding"

Doc Martens (photo is of 90s originals) a brand changeling - as image is co-opted in era of distract and divide.

This post is fashion icing on the  Gilded Capital,   as portrayed in a recent PBS Moyers and Company Journal interview.

While the elite party are "getting rich in DC"- using tax dollars to host the dog and pony shows;  while  banks remain under regulated and Wall Street and the White House align to rape the planet, I think of the  Fall of Rome and how history repeats until we learn and APPLY the knowledge.

North America is forcing its culture on others, as it feeds off the world's resources promoting consumer economics all the while while maintaining constant war to keep the power edge of the executive branch of its government. In this state of advanced ego ( a form of cultural dementia?)  as surely we have forgotten who we ever pretended to be. Power and role definition, the facde of human matters, have  become  "more rational" than honesty and integrity.  Thus probability squeezes choice until few are possible. Choosing outside the "obvious" is dangerous.

This toxic fallout affects everyone and everything. Despite the shield of false beliefs and info edits -it'll get ya.

This is unacceptable.

"Mark Leibovich on Glitz and Greed in Washington, August 23, 2013 is an "insiders" account of what N. American citizens are supporting with our lossy dollars. Citizens need to hear this stuff, consumers not so much.

MARK LEIBOVICH ....."Because, of course, you know, a single banquet is no longer sufficient to celebrate the accomplishments of the Washington media. Tom Brokaw who has become a real activist against the White House Correspondent's Dinner said that it sends the message that it's all about the people on the screen. It's all about the media. Which I think to some degree is true. I mean, the media is feeling great about itself. The media is as rich as any other part of the economy. And I think the Correspondent's Dinner is a classic example of this.

BILL MOYERS: Have you attended one?

MARK LEIBOVICH: I have, although not since 1996, because the New York Times stopped letting us go.

MARK LEIBOVICH: They thought it was too-- Dean Baquet, who's now the managing editor of The Times, he was the Washington bureau chief of The Times. I think it was in 2007, actually, declared that this is too cozy. He didn't like the message it sent. He would prefer that we stop going. I thought it was a great decision.

BILL MOYERS: Describe the dinner to me.

MARK LEIBOVICH: It's just this room full of tuxedoed people. A lot of Hollywood celebrities come in. A lot of people talk about, you know, the good that the press does. But again, it's an extravaganza that continues, that it becomes the ultimate bubble world, the ultimate example of decadence in Washington that people know intuitively is wrong, but have no either will or ability to stop it.

REPORTER 1 at the WHCD: This is a big night in Washington. Anyone whose anybody is here. And the key question for everyone in Washington is “What are you wearing? (
The transcripts are available on the Moyers Journal site as is the video. )


Fashion Superbrands is a video trip into the world of  creating material desire. Companies build their images applying psychology and alchemy to lure consumers into their 'dens" pushing them to succumb to the seduction of the illusions all the while saying it's about you- not them at all.

Creating desire from abstract reality has had us in it's clutches a long time, way before media, celebrity, fashion and elitist branding hooked up.

Now it just looks silly. 
I suggest we move along, fast.

Like a leap, as in creative leaps, the leap of faith, quantum and evolutionary leaps. We have the power to do this. This is the effort we need to save our species from its own nightmare of systems in control.

Business as so usual is changing, but as long as profit remains king we are chained to an abstract - a "golden calf"-something made up. (Tee Hee the Bull on Wall Street just has to be mocked now , no?)

Anyway, I think we make up ideas to justify and explain the world we accept as real. The more we accept our stories,  the more real they appear. As they are repeatable and logical in the context of which they are made, we call this a rational approach to life.

This is interesting, for somewhere along the way, the delusion becomes so rationalized that the creative imaginative spark that manifested such thinking in the first place, becomes a so what app.

The irony is sweet but the consequences are not.

For in a super real look at an interrelated planet, this thinking is quite irrational and as it conspires to control imagination and creative impulses as a way to continue its own manifestation.  This is a key to why controlling markets and consumer expectations appears relevant, necessary and a "good thing." As we are educated in the beliefs of the fields or disciplines we wish to align wit, we repeat the mantra and the species loses a little more possibility

 As we humans lose our raison d'etre, we lose who we are, who we might be in a broader context. As reality shrinks to fulfill the desires/needs/choices that our manmade systems create, true creative diversity is crunched. Imagination is narrowed by the range of possibilities.

This is a big deal!

Imagination connects us to consciousness and the living planet. it is how we experience our senses and reflect on our thoughts. This is Gaia Rhythm. 

Gaia rhythm is that sensual, joyful, beauty appreciating, abundant loving essence of who we are. It is the connection we have to all of life and  that place wherre we interact and manifest our reality and give it back into consciousness to expand the whole of the uni-verse. It is an awakening into a fuller potential.

Waking up is an ultimate rebellion that leaves the tug of war behind.These are rebels embracing evolution.

For without the illusions, the noise, the showy distractions, the curtain falls apart and we are confronted with global warming, land mass shrinking, soils depleted, aquifers polluted and species dying at unprecedented rates...what the hell are we doing?

Really, this is not a mere speculation, this is the reality we have been accepting and for what?

A grand show of material wealth to parade around and feel like a somebody.

We have so much potential, let's use it and manifest new, positive, whole thinking systems and spaces for meaningful, curious, creative life on this still most beautiful planet.

Doc Martens FYI:

Doc Martens: The Iconic Brand Celebrates 50 Years Of Rebel Style
Posted by Kristen, on March 31, 2010 at 3:25 pm
Co-opted in this celebrity pushin article is pure irony   ….then maybe you had to have been there!

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