Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big Liars and House Fires

 Photo i took a few weeks ago because of  suspicious "clouds"  the photo enforced surveillance sign is a "happy" coincidence.....good for connecting dots.   

 FYI: Coincidence is serendipity for the sleepyheads.

Please share this video on Smart Meters   Take Back Your Power (teaser)

They are not smart they are health risks.

These meters emit radioactive particles many times during the day. Chances are we will all be "in range" far too often  and this is just unwise on so many levels. Fukashima update is not pretty why continue the game plan?

The meters also collect data because they can.

Silly humans like their data, makes them feel in control. However knowing the past is no way to predict the future. It actually consigns the future with more of the same. This effectively lessens possibilities .

The lossy possibilities realm is a quantum probability and choices  rule, hone up on it.

The control freak technocrats are out of tune with quantum physic, the uni-verse, life, evolution, spirit, heart, nature. This is sad; too sad to allow it to destroy the very thing we actually want/need the most But that is a story for another time (Fire on Ice)

Remember Papa Bush's New World Order ? This was an agenda framed for Peace  but looked, smelled and felt like "control."  Control and domination is a time tested pattern for massive unrest for it escalates the shadows of the world we "fear" and slows down real progress. (Baboon troupe has similar results, synchro timing as just found this!)

 I happen to think we are due for an evolutionary leap -real progress, no?  (see Amit Goswami) 

However, the New World Order is NOT that Path!

A leap is less probable under duress of domination. Domination cuts down diversity. (as controversial ideas don't have a chance, which means new or too genius!) Diversity sparks imagination and creativity which sparks newer ideas. New ideas lead to new knowledge which expands consciousness and promotes even more creative leaps. catch the drift?  AKA this is so not the positive direction!!

 Please watch the trailer, discuss it with friends, neighbors , strangers too.

Help us help ourselves, help us leave the past and leap forward to manifest the world we want.  The world of fear is so tawdry, dull and flat. We deserve better we are MORE.

Advanced Metering

Notice the new label here, as Smart is "uncovered"... feels like blatant disrespect, shame on the "whoever(s) " that thought this was acceptable.
Seattle City Light is hosting three community forums to listen to our customers about our Advanced Metering Infrastructure project, which is in the early planning phase. To learn more about this project and to share your comments and provide feedback, please attend a forum near you or visit our website at

 Wednesday, August 21st, 5 - 7:30 p.m.
Northgate Community Center
10510 5th Ave NE

Tuesday, September 10th, 5 - 7:30 p.m.
Seattle Center - Shaw Room

Thursday, September 26th, 5 - 7:30 p.m.
NewHolly Gathering Hall
7054 32nd Ave S

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