Monday, August 12, 2013

Todd Snider Traveling Folk Show

( Photo  courtesy of NUVO Indy's Alternative Voice)

I went to the Zootunes last night and was charmed by Todd Snider's near the opening, remarks.

Loosely paraphrased:

"I'm a folk singer and i share my opinions not because I think I'm so smart and that they are so great and I am not trying to change yours, I share them because they rhyme. "

What a great way to settle the house before problems arise!! Thanx Todd for this helpful hint.

The night before. I  had a similar lesson from the PBS "Extraordinary Women" series.

 "Martha Gellhorn became a war correspondent almost by accident when her lover, Ernest Hemingway, urged her to file a report from Madrid during the Spanish Civil War. It was the beginning of a remarkable career spanning some sixty years. She carried on reporting well into her eighties. Martha was committed to reporting the truth and she worked hard for her reputation as one of the greatest war correspondents of the twentieth century. The remarkable life of the war correspondent, novelist, travel writer and journalist is chronicled."

Wow, I am apalled that this is the first time i ever even heard of her. She had more integrity, moxie and style than Hemingway so what's up with that?

Aside from my being so happy to have finally "met" her, my personal take away comment was about  why people loved her articles. The answer-  because she was not SHRILL  She said things calmly, hiding her anger under the script. The reader could feel it bubbling down below but it never exploded onto the page.

This is important, as i have been told my anger and frustration, my ranting and scope turns people away. That is a problem for a story teller, especially if that story is intent on a total paradigm change.

Is this a case of show not tell? Is my job to open the door just enough to let a small bit of light spill into the room?  Create the seductive invitation and then step back and let the "audience" do the rest.

If i can stoke the curiosity, design the safe place, inspire.and back off - what might unfold? Interactive spaces are more compelling then diatribes, I am thinking this is my lesson.

Defense: But diatribes let the heat escape, allow the passion to blow. Somehow i have to deal with this as a whole, I am sure there is a solution and it will look different than i can visualize now. On it.

So,  back to Todd Snider with a huge "thank YOU, for driving home a much needed point that i have been dodging.

& do catch Mr Snider if you can. He has a great voice, style and presence.. It is so refreshing to hear songs that set off for deeper waters, we are all feeling the energy of the stuff under the surface despite our denial, cognitive dissonance or whatever.It is best to rip open the flimsy veils and give the issues some air time.

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