Friday, August 23, 2013

Punk Designer's Grande Dame Takes on Fracking

Photo borrowed from Dazed Digital a spiffy e zine of UK pop culture, fashion , more.  

Vivienne Westwood  stands up. I am thinking this woman is my newest hero. Thank you Ms Westwood for speaking up. I wish more people would wake to the dangers of business as usual. We are not on a planet that can endure the dis-ease t represents. Our economic system is narrowly focused and powerful, like a cancer it grows to dominate and control the host until the host is dead.

This is as unhealthy as we have ever been, the pattern is clear, the trajectory bleak. It is time to change the course. 

Back in the day, Vivienne Westwood helped punk attire and the whole of the movement rise to the top of the charts. What started in England immigrated here and helped pave the way for Seattle's music renaissance. 

This street up enterprising entrepreneurial force was colorful, political and wildly creative. It was also one of the last big global street uprisings as corporations took ever bigger bites out of the talent pools and forced the generic safe manipulated markets agenda down our collective throats..

Grunge  (Seattle sound) was perhaps the last big movement, as small independent radio stations helped promote local talent before the FCC (USA taking out diversity)  changed the rules and corporations got the little indy's out of their way. Check out Corporate FM 

The No Fracking collage of signs photo from the Independent.

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