Monday, September 9, 2013

Gaia Rhythm

 Photo of tags on paper torn from "Take What You Need" anon posts around my neighborhood.  The timing was sublime and i so appreciate who ever put them up! Thank you, you are why i continue this path .

I dropped The Gaia Rhythm phrase at a healing/spiritual meeting the other day, so wanted to develop the definition before it got hi-jacked or misappropriated. Sad to even think this way, but there it is. The competitive angle is being so pushed by the olde skool believers that the many are trapped in the barrage without realizing that normal itself is "sold" to us all.  In the meantime nabbing something intentionally or not happens (think Tesla, not that this is like his work just that certain parties get away with hijacks because they are on good terms with gatekeepers and the gated)

Gaia Rhythm is the energy, the flow that nature pulses with, that sustains us and the whole of the world, more. It is how and why we manifest our creative impulses and watch them materialize –become real. The ideas, concepts and the constructs that we build by acting on them are energy outcomes that grow the possibilities or collapse them. Balance is key and intent and purpose need to be more than this current for profit mindfck.

A for profit focus is a focus on a manmade abstraction that sustains itself by creating ever more bullshit in kind. Voila the banking disasters, the pillaging of countries and the gain of the 1%. When markets are controlled, manipulated and raped, when ecosystems, water, air is contaminated and soils destroyed all via an abstract reality, we should step back and ask what the hell are we doing? Some of us are.

Losing meaning, losing self, losing whole areas of consciousness and possibility for the sake of a reflected glory trip is such a diminishment of being. This creates less ability to do, as choices appear to dwindle when probabilities are manipulated to fulfill agendas. Thus a spiral down, a de-evolution. Like the wrong direction.

Gaia Rhythm is part of the feminine domain. This is according to years of cultural inheritance, so I am retaining it for simplicities sake. There is an apparent reason here, as wombs harbor new life and mothers have an intimate connection with the chaos of birth.
When she says yes to the process, a mother allows life to have its way with her. This is about having faith.

Gaia Rhythm is about life mixing it up with consciousness and is how we appreciate the "who" we are at the time we are alive on the planet. Gaia Rhythm is inextricably linked to the evolutionary process. It is an interactive, interrelating vibration. It has a wide range of frequencies, many we do not know or understand. Many we are learning about, abusing and distorting with cell phone towers, dirty electricity and the plethora of energy hi-jacked for commercially instigated addictions, nurtured for profit, ah -time out?.

Why be this way? The whole game (full of systems designed for and by the biggest players) is just made up, so why not make up one that better fits the super real world that we are discovering? We know enough now to know we know so very little.

The world wasn't flat no matter how loud and powerful the believers at the time of the belief.

Because now, once again, humans are wrong  But this time we are at a harm makers zenith. The clumsy bullheaded way we have trampled upon each other, other species, the whole of this planet and beyond, is nothing to crow about. That we have failed to fully understand or appreciate the lessons from the calamities of the past is probably why so many of us are feeling stressed, anxious or otherwise un-well.

It is time to stand up to the ignorance that the "all for profit" model rigidly adheres to. Because it is Whack. It is out of alignment with life itself, pointless abstract....vacant.

Gaia Rhythm is the energy, joy, life flow of sensory experiences. It is why love feels good, why hugs matter, why another's pain affects us. We are tuned in for this, we are wired to life. And yes, when we hook into a digital corresponding "sense"  we perceive it as experience but we do not experience the total of possibility in the moment and therefore are starving our imaginal cells, snagging the leaps and boxing the choices from all possibilities, in ever smaller containers.

Digital friends and ear buds are sensual abstractions. They are good additions but hardly more than that.  Like foods processed for shelf life with chemically altered tastes, smells and colors that do not support our bodies health, our "souls' need sustenance via tangible explorations. Just as our bodies need whole real foods to nourish them our body spirits thrive in the creative chaos of the life flow.

So how did this happen?

Methinks this goes back to the original divide between God and Nature, male and female. This beginning of hierarchy systems building has lead us to this rather vapid, cold mechanistic technocratic (insane?) worldview that seems to adhere to a "super control is the way to go" (Fascism, monarchism, dictatorship -thought we left this stuff behind-think again!) model. Changing hands,  players and terms throughout the known history has not really changed the patterns.

From the quantum perspective, this boils down to a loss of probable choices based on an autocratic, abstract reality we living things are being forced to accept by becoming ever more dependent on the corporations (aka no "one" at home) that control and distribute our experiences and means to survive as biological creatures on the planet.

Playing this game out to the finish results in no real winners. Like, after all the tricks, the sleight of hand, the blood, gore, pain and arrested ego development, after all the lands are tortured and humans are wasted, when the last giant falls, what is the payoff?

Since there is no love in domination and i suspect that is what we really all want/need above everything, well this is a really big OOPS.

Ok just for the experience, stop sometime today, put thought of future and past on hold (it'll be there later :_) and breathe deep, do some yoga, take a brisk walk, not for the exercise but to feel your body. Appreciate the movement, the cells and you will start to "get" that Gaia Rhythm flow. This isn't just brain talk, this is you in bio connect, feeling and sending positive energy. This is bio ecstasy, it is real and it matters

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