Tuesday, September 23, 2014

World by Numbers

Photo collage from 9/22/14 
An homage to the Fall Equinox -everything dies so that everything lives

Numbers are a great tool.  Numbers enhance the human tool kit and through numbers we learned analytical  and relationship concepts.  But then along the way something very absurd happened. Step by rational step, numbers gained importance over other means of seeing, thinking, divining, intuiting, knowing.  We as a species started understanding the world from a self defining aka constricting-window of all that is true and possible.

By focusing on numbers we started to disregard the subtle nuances of our sensual realities. Numbers, like words, are abstracts of mind, useful yes,...but they are not the actual "thing" itself.  I think it is time to remind us of this obvious and yet veiled notion, for it influences what what we create and set into being..

The more we believe in the tool, the more we actualize to fit the tool. ("we actualize our beliefs " A Goswami) Think how apps are made for cell phones and the more we rely on them the more necessary they become.  We are  addicted, chained bribed into utilizing this tool. This is bondage. The better to screw you m'dear! (Nothing personal..you are a market statistic, a digit in the target audience, a dot on the graph)

The corporate application of technology is to enhance their bottom lines. Bottom lines reduce reality to numbers.

This is a coercing force causing dependency on things we have to constantly upgrade. IF this isn't addiction..? Opting out, saying no, effectively culls one from the herd. Entrapment by any other name...

This nifty simulated reality is causing harm!What i was taught to see as the price of progress i now understand to be mere justificsation. I am calling this out!

 Male archetype thinking adapts, mutates but cannot "birth" leaps.

 It is the feminine archetype that gives new life and therefore it is the feminine that is necessary for great leaps in evolution, creativity and no doubt the quantum physical aspect here is feminine too!.

Is this the missing link? Quantum, evolutional, creative leaps are all ancient and yet mystically new in the matter of "serious" research. I suspect this feminine leap ability has been rescuing "life" for a very long time. In a conscious application of mind and matter, might we create these feminine archetype heros to lead us from our old ways and begin our next journey?  Yes.

So though numbers have allowed us to define ourselves ever more in ways that can be counted, measured, worked into formulas that  provide satisfying solutions and allow us to feel in control they  limit our conceptual arenas. Though we point to them proudly and say the world works by the numbers, it is only a belief. No matter how gratifying this might feel, it is a small part of all truth, all that is possible. 

I have the formula for figuring odds in mind here. Though it may be valid for a machine gambling device as it too is man made, in the world of all possibilities it is an insult.

Einstein couldn't convince his peers that " the energy (E) in a system (an atom, a person, the solar system) is equal to its total mass (m) multiplied by the square of the speed of light (c, equal to 186,000 miles per second)."  from the Guardian until he hired a mathematician to write the formula, so he could publish..

Apparently no matter how useful or brilliant an idea, somewhere along the way we were taught to believe that without a mathematical language to illustrate ii, .the idea was useless and/or questionable.

But give it that formula and that same idea can become the holy grail of progress.

Silly humans- as the tool became ever more the master, as accountants counted and the numbers grew they mesmerized the culture and helped create the myths of our current era.  It is time to let them go for they have had their day, we learned and are grateful for the gifts delivered and now the time has come for the new ideas to bloom. It is simply life.

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