Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's the Story (3) When Love Stops the Fear

Card from my pick during one of the  "Let it Go" Sales. 
This has been a remarkable experience because of the wonderful people i have met this summer. Through them i am encouraged and realize that we are changing and moving away from the stories, patterns, and thoughts that have caged us. We are breaking free from the delusions.

So what now? How? 

I think it is time to go back and unroll the tapes, read the story pulses and start to clarify that "self" we hold dear.

From the initial birth event of shock and change to the conscious "I am here, trusting and alive, we are taping! From  "hi world, good to meet you," onwards.

We naturally reach out to explore, experience, play and resonate with love.We awaken to our senses and recognize the "self" in the whole of life. Yippee!

Then it happens. Mom/Dad or other significant other  is late with the milk.  Discomfort sets in and can lead to panic and panic starts the freak out. ( akin to fear of the Great Mother-C Jung)

The first fear is recorded and the pain channel starts hi-jacking some of our energy. Hurt leads to thoughts of avoidance, we begin building walls and defense modules -all the places demons love- we learn to proceed with caution.

From the unfiltered infant tapes, to the later stories where X happened, we are recording. Now it is time to go in and edit. It is time to free the beautiful, vibrant, loving bits from the clutter of all that footage!

This is how we can reclaim our "authentic spirit/heart being, doing selves." Let's unroll those memory tapes and start the personal (and cultural) editing process.

When the cause and effect of our old stories can be realized and better understood, we can check them against our current knowledge and  decide for ourselves which ones should be kept and which ones can be released.

 Change the story, change the path and see what appears.

I believe our new journey will free us from some "old self' behaviors that got in the way.  Our illusional anchors will dissolve as they were attached to stories we are leaving behind.

Intentionally releasing the stories will free up energy so that we can channel the flow into healthier, more joyful and loving experiences. 

This is who we are.

Fear chased love away, now love can overcome the is the solution.

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