Sunday, January 4, 2015

Divine Pagan

 Take Me to Church by Hozier
We are beings of spirit and consciousness, invigorated by vital energy. We are evolutional by Nature and conscious by Love.

 God is Love (Jesus of Nazareth)

Love is an emotion and a VERB!

We are Born of Stars (M Kaku) and Made of Soil (Dr. Shiva Vandana)

We are Actualizers  of Belief entwined with all other actualizers. (inspired by A Goswami)

We are relationship centric, socially wired and connected.  I suspect that deep down we all know we are part of something larger. ( Patriotism, clubs, churches, community are all surrogates of this expression)

Science and the vast spread of information has set us free to envision a new narrative of meaning, a world that embraces, nourishes and celebrates the divine pagan and how that vitalizes the whole of consciousness and together the uni-verse either expands or contracts. (Gaiad Theory from Journey to the Center of Being in utero )

We are in an interactive whole that is more than a sum of the parts and yet all parts matter. The potential is ours to explore.  We are here to help each other nourish the whole of us for this will optimize our potential, creative curiosities and help us move past our self limiting beliefs.

We are mature enough as a species to understand and appreciate the cycles of nature as gifts, of abundance, diversity and change . Nature is transformative by design.

The storms, volcanoes  and  "chaos" of nature ensure the vitality and renewal of the planet.

Our passionate outbursts, the ability to choose unhealthily are expressions of free will.
 Relativity is to range, as juxtapose is to spark.

Our emotions, rational thoughts and core knowing,  our subconscious minds and our inherited beliefs are all being brought into new understanding. (B. Lipton, D Goleman, others) This might feel chaotic but is, i suspect, just a shaking free, a rebirth, a renewal.

In the whole of energy, in the co creative next, (Barbara Marx Hubbard) the divine masculine and the divine feminine are being embraced. Though the language varies by discourse one can see the emergence in many fields, via many voices.

As shadow needs light and dark, free choice needs "good" and "evil" the whole of our being and doing comes from story via the iconic masculine and feminine (the gamut is a range expressed differently throughout genders. This is natural biodiversity at work) We inherit from the past but  now it is "ours" to reinvent  

As this planet is a gift of the sensual expression of life, I say instead of ascension  and spirit envy why not intentionally enjoy the present human living experience in a healthier, livelier planet embracing, love connecting, sharing realization of the whole.

Why not max out inclusive potential!

You see, i have an idea that without our participation in this realm,  consciousness might lie semi dormant. Joy, love, pain, anger, our curiosity, diversity, ego, creativity, humor, all the capacity, the potential of being, doing is available to each of us here and now. 

Consciousness expands via our actualizations and vice versa.  Ok, i made that up too (Gaiad Theory 2) but i am drugged by the beauty of natural systems, see inert potential everywhere and am not one to make a mess and walk away.

In time we will die and transform as all carbon matter, but for now let us celebrate the Dance of Life.

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