Saturday, January 17, 2009

day of the RIP

Emily strikes an Isadora pose in a stenciled tee
& skirt remade from pants from the Ryther Thrift shop in Ballard

Maddy hands me the Quetzal memorial illustration
- as the future is hers.

Dawn pretty pose, 30s lacey refashion

Madeline in tieback top and skirt made of remnants
and donations

Thendara in the first dress made for the RIP
started as a 70's jumpsuit. Silk leaves from old flowers.

Holly in Viva La Evolucion!
made from the slip of the 30's lace dress and a donated velvet robe
with remnants from my success/excess quilt

Maggie in the 20's chemise with an India import flocking underskirt
from the Goodwill

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