Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fashionRIP the Enterprise

mother and daughter
Dawn and Maddy
Cathy, Bridgett and i were in the edit lab at SCAN yesterday and though i had had a few day after jitters; those- why didn't i think of that, see that or be more/less assertive- do better next time markers...yah, despite Monday morning mental playbacks......the piece is astounding. i am so pleased at the footage we have seen so far it's proving my fears, as usual, were groundless!

I love all of you giving , magical, inspired people who showed up for the shoot or were there in my heart only, for helping this show become a tangible piece of work.

So fashionRIP is becoming it's own Enterprise, following the laws of nature, powered by technology and synergy. This way all the people involved can be stakeholders of the project and can then participate in its growth -actively or passively. Photographers, models, musicians and artists can set up their own sites under the fashionRIP project heading. The only stipulation is that the public sites have to be ok'd by me. Content control is still mine as fashionRIP is my new baby and with intuitive faith in the "more" i am doing the mom thing.

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